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Recent content by meeko

  1. meeko

    email rules on ipad

    I use and app called AltaMail which has a very powerful rule feature for iPad and iPhone
  2. meeko

    E-mail Spell check

    The iPad does spell check emails. It is on by default and I don't think it can be turned off. You will see a red underline on any misspelt words and double tap to find a replacement or it will suggest as you type.
  3. meeko

    printing from ipad

    BTW, this is the "pro" version. It works great with iOS5 printing emails and web pages inside the app as well as open-in for other apps. I prefer their email anyway as I can save attachments and convert emails to PDF. I did have the old print n share for quite a while and it also works fine with...
  4. meeko

    Issues signing in to download

    Check that your address on your card matches your iTunes profile address. This happened to me for that reason.
  5. meeko

    printing from ipad

    Print n share pro iPad Printing works direct over WiFi with my kodak esp7. It supports a lot of printer models without airprint. Print n Share Pro for iPad on the iTunes App Store
  6. meeko

    Printing - Multiuser, Multiprinter App

    After trying quite a few printing Apps for my iPad, I ended up with print n share PRO iPad Printing which prints to direct to all of my non airprint printers. My WiFi printers worked fine out of the box but my Bluetooth printer needed a free helper app on my mac. Print n share pro also has a...
  7. meeko

    re-install applications to my new ipad

    iTunes has now changed the "Buy" button of apps to "Download" if you have already bought them. At least now you can see if you will really be charged for the purchase.
  8. meeko

    iPad 2 as a personal hotspot

    I think Apple are trying to make the distinction between phones and iPads by not sharing the 3G connection on an iPad. It also bugs me I can't txt on an iPad too. It's not a phone but txting is just another form of communicating like email for me I did get my iPad to tether to my iPhone4 but it...
  9. meeko

    Tranfering ipad to ipod

    You can also right click on a device in iTunes and select restore from backup and choose another device's backup. Eg click on the iPod then select to restore from the iPad backup