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    How to Clean my Screen!

    I use a cheap-o screen protector, which collects fingerprints worse than the bare screen. I don't mind trying different cleaners, because it could only damage the screen protector. I have had good results using Method brand stainless steel cleaner. It is more like rain-x or spray-on car wax...
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    question regarding apple wireless keyboard

    command+C and command+V do work as COPY and PASTE shortcuts.
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    question regarding apple wireless keyboard

    Thanks for the tip... it looks like any key wakes up the iPad -- without having to swipe the screen! Nice! Yeah, a guide would be nice... and hopefully Apple is going to continue to make improvements to the interface. For instance, when you start to type in a URL in Safari and it comes up...
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    question regarding apple wireless keyboard

    I know this is a little late.. but I just bought the Apple wireless keyboard. It woks great. The brightness keys work, as do the volume and mute keys. The "eject" looking key in the upper right corner makes the on-screen keyboard appear. Caps lock works. The arrow keys work in some places...
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    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    Okay... Apparently sarcasm doesn't go over well on this forum. I was making fun of "computers", not iPads. Please re-read my post... I think you'll see where I was going with that. I love my iPad. It does just about everything I need a computer to do... Better than a computer...
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    Remote Access App's!!

    I just started using LogMeIn and I'm very happy with it. I have not used any others, though. I keep thinking of new ways to use it. I have been using it a lot at work to start print jobs while I am away from my desk. Actually, I am usually away from my desk, so it really is helpful. I was...
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    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    The iPad is NOT a computer. Computers take a long time to boot up. Computers need to be plugged in, or at least recharged every 3-4 hours. Computers need lots of settings to be played around with before you can connect to a different wifi network. Computers need a $60-$80 monthly payment to...
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    I Hate When My iPad....

    I hate when my iPad... ... Types an "n" instead of a space. I know it is me hitting it... But I have never had problems with any real keyboard. There's just something about it that makes my right hand hit the n instead of the space bar.
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    Just a big iPod touch??!!??

    Ipod touch is just an ipad that is too small. :D
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    Nice 3G speed... Middle of nowhere!

    Oh, yeah... Of course i meant megabits, not gigabytes. In my area, which is not in a city, I usually get lower speeds... Usually under 1m, but I just ran a test and got almost 1.4m. I have full bars on ATT. Thats about the same as Verizon mobile broadband here, which is what I used to have on...
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    Nice 3G speed... Middle of nowhere!

    So, my wife and I went out to some yard sales this morning. I had determined that there was nothing of interest to me at one particular yard sale, so i headed back to the car with our baby. I was playing around on the iPad, and the 3G seemed particularly speedy. I had to check to see if I had...
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    I just looked at AT&Ts website, and they haven't updated pricing information either. Still says unlimited.
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    I could be wrong... And I'm sure someone will point it out. But i don't remember seeing and apple ad that talked about unlimited Internet. Insaw media outlets talking about it... And I say links to ATT talking about it. The only place I ever saw apple talking about it is on their website when...
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    I just don't see it as all that big of a deal. Most people are going to save $5. It looks to me like the vast majority of pas 3G users arr WELL below 2gb per month. Mine was less than 1Gb, but not by much. A prepaid myfi will run you $50 for 1gb. I have a feeling that a lot of the people...
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    3G first month usage

    Sent 46.9, received 845mb.