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    Seeking Feedback: Incase Convertible Book Jacket

    I contacted Incase based on a recommendation in this post, and they had me do an online RMA. They replaced my case with a rev 2 model within a week and didn't even want the old one returned. I've had the rev 2 a few weeks and no more slippage. There is a 2 inch velcro strap now on the side...
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    This website and cookies?

    It would be nice if we can choose which way we want this to work with a setting in our user profile.
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    This forum and Cookies?

    Totally agree.... It would be nice if our sysadmin can make it a feature that we can choose in our profile to show read or not read.
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    How many gigs of apps do you have installed?

    No many Apps; however lots of Video: Apps = 654.4 Mb Audio = 3.66 Gb Video = 50.29 Gb Photos = 1.77 GB Books = 23 Mb
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    No clue what the best one would be for all your current and future Wi-Fi needs. I personally have always liked Linksys products (now Cisco), other than their power supplies going bad no one I know that uses them had had any problems. I personally use a WR54G, and so does my sister whom just got...
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    iPad / apple tv

    Nope!!! However if the PC/MAC you use to synch the iPad and ATV are the same then all the content (you choose) will be synched. I use Apple's Remote Control FREE App to control ATV from my iPad; however I wish this and other Apple Apps were updated from iPod/iPhone versions. It seems to me...
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    Not really as the iPad and your desktop PC use different 802.11 devices and most likely the manufacturer used different specs in their production. I'm just trying to help you troubleshoot your issue. I, and many others DON'T have the same issue as you do. If you follow my advise to try your...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Proud iPad 64 Gb Wi-Fi only owner since release day, April 3rd 2010 at 4:58 PM ET (that's what my receipt shows) and using it daily.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    As as proud iPad owner since release day, April 3rd 2010 at 4:58 PM ET (that's what my receipt shows) and using it daily since then I use it mainly it for: eMail (personal) Surf the web Use "USA Today" app, I just love it for news, sports, etc. RSS feeds Occasionally log into a Windows PC...
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    Unable to view Apple WWDC 2010 keynote address on ipad

    Downloaded the Podcast with my MacBook when it became available, and once I synched my iPad it was there and watched the entire (BORING) event on my iPad with no issues.
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    Sounds like either an issue with your iPad or your AP (Wireless Access Point). My tests on my iPad have been done using 2 Apps and 2 speed Websites. I use to run the same test site on my MacBook and Wife's Windows Vista laptop and all showed similar down/up speeds. * What type of AP or...
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    Apps for people in IT

    ITAP rocks for RDP!!!!!! I have a home network with multiple Windows PC's/Server's and changed RDP ports on each so I'm able to get to any of them when I'm not inside my Network. ITAP is a bit pricey; however worth every penny. I was also able to download ITAP for my wife's iPhone for free...
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    Can't wait for the new iBooks!

    Totally agree.... Being able to open / save PDF's in one spot and not having to convert them with Calibre is what I'm waiting for in IOS4's iBook app. Will iPad be getting new iBoobs the end of June or do we need to wait for iOS4 when it gets released for iPad?
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    Incase convertible case and have iPad Camera Connection Kit on order. I most likely will also by a stand (one that allows portrait or landscape)
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    How Full is your iPad?

    I knew I was in trouble when I did my first synch with iTunes and got prompted that I didn't have enough room on my 64Gb iPad to fully synch. :) I have a Ton of movies downloaded and DVD rips with Handbrake in iTunes. I need to manage just my Movies with iTunes and only have the ones I want...