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  1. maryinredding

    iPad Mini Discussion

    I was only able to get a black one after Christmas but it doesn't matter too much. I put a purple book style case on it along with a Zagg screen protector. I did order extra cords and home and auto chargers and so far that is it. I don't really see needing much else.
  2. maryinredding

    Just received my mini

    I have the original iPad. Actually both my husband and I have them. I have been thinking about getting a newer model but I was waiting until the time was right. When the mini came out I thought that would be a great size for so many things (reading, surfing the web or playing games). well, my...
  3. maryinredding

    Ios 5.1

    Mine will not update over the air. Any of you having trouble with this???
  4. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    "Handbrake is pretty fast can convert movies in about 20 min or so" What settings to do you put Handbrake in to get it to copy in 20 minutes??? When I do it it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes or so. I have never known it to be that fast. What am I doing wrong?????
  5. maryinredding

    Unable to update Apps

    Same thing happened to me today too. I was unable to find the 3 that would not update in the app catalog.
  6. maryinredding

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Personally, I would choose the wedge over the propup. I like having my ipad in a case and the propup doesn't allow that. Every little bit of protection I can get I will use most of the time.
  7. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    Ipad 2 does video as well as take photos.
  8. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    I have charter and no problems at all with it.
  9. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    I have no problem with it so far.
  10. maryinredding

    iPad1 applications crashing

    I just had my pad crash after installing zinio. It finally turned back on and I have deleted it . Hope this was the only problem.
  11. maryinredding

    Symbol meaning, please

    OK, I have searched the web and the forums and I cannot find what a symbol means. It is a arrow up by the battery percentage number. Anyone know??? Thanks if it was answered before and I just couldn't find it.
  12. maryinredding

    HBOGo Released!

    It works really great.
  13. maryinredding

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    You know, if you actually pay for a hotspot on your cell phone it will run you $29.99 per month (on Sprint) per phone while the 3g on the iPad is only $14.99. If you're lucky enough to be able to hack your phone so you can get a free hotspot then that's great. I hacked my Palm Pre pretty easily...
  14. maryinredding

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    I would say it has been worth it. In our small town not many places have wifi so we end up using our 3G at restaurants. Even in the electronics store (Best Buy) their wifi is locked now so you can't use it there too. I have a hotspot on my phone but sometimes my signal is very poor so it won't...
  15. maryinredding

    FREE video converters

    It seems that all the converters are way slow. If I convert a movie and usually do it before going to bed and it will be done by morning.