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Recent content by Martlet

  1. Martlet

    Duplicate pictures

    I just synced my iPad with my new MPB and I now have multiple copies of the same picture. I'd love to remove them, but most of them don't have a delete icon. Any idea how to get rid of these?
  2. Martlet

    Facebook app for iPad

    I was assuming he meant the official app that was announced, but hasn't been released yet.
  3. Martlet

    Facebook app for iPad

    I did, and didn't see anything.
  4. Martlet

    Which is best-Zagg Shield or Ghost Armor?

    I've never used Zagg, but I love my Ghost Armor. Their replacement plan is good, too. This is my third iPad (magnet issue then broken microphone) and they replaced front + back and I only paid installation. It's pricey, but worth it in my humble opinion.
  5. Martlet

    Family Budgeting

    Has anyone tried HomeBudget with Sync or PocketMoney?
  6. Martlet

    WiFi connection symbol

    Right? I noticed that for the first time yesterday. I was in the mall and looked for a WiFi signal. There were a dozen of those.
  7. Martlet

    iPad + separate dedicated ebook reader?

    I have both. I much prefer the Nook for reading. I keep it on my nightstand, typically. If I travel for the weekend and know I won't be reading as much, I just take my iPad and use the Nook App. It's easier than taking two devices, and they app syncs with the Nook.
  8. Martlet

    Family Budgeting

    Maybe budgeting isn't the right word. More like tracking spending. I'd just like to see where our money goes. I've seen several apps that multiple users can sync together. Right now we have 2 iPhones, an iPad, 2 PCs and are getting a MBP. What app would you guys/gals suggest for tracking...
  9. Martlet

    is there anyone knows, what is should be avoid while charging ipad2 ?...

    This is what I meant by reset.
  10. Martlet

    is there anyone knows, what is should be avoid while charging ipad2 ?...

    I had a similar problem with my iPhone. I reset it and it was fine.
  11. Martlet

    Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

    I had that problem a few times, then I noticed if I pushed the pair button about 1 second after I turned on blue tooth, it connected immediately.
  12. Martlet

    Best combination case/stand and wireless keyboard?

    I've tried several, and also settled on the Incase and Apple keyboard. I used the Brookstone one, and didn't care for it. The case and keyboard were awesome, and I loved the ipad specific buttons and chargeable battery, but didn't like the case layout. It only supports landscape mode. The...
  13. Martlet

    Daily Planner Applications

    I'll go poke around his forum and see if it has the capabilities I want.
  14. Martlet

    Daily Planner Applications

    Sounds great, providing its not to complicated. Will it sync with my iPhone through the native calendar app?