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Recent content by Martinbowden

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    Battery under ios 6.0.2

    My wifi has improved since update so well happy
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    Color of your mini

    Went for the black 64gb so I never run out of room lol learned from my miss take on last two iPads
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    iPhone apps work on my mini
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    Who here has traded their ipad for a mini ipad?

    Well I love my ipad mini passed the ipad 3 onto the wife so she's happy and now I can sell the nexus 7 I don't need to tabs anymore well done apple
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    Anyone here planning to switch from iPad 3 or 2 to the Mini?

    I went for ipad mini 64 gb really enjoying not touched ipad 3 since I got mini
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    Mini is a great gaming and movie device

    Completely agree ideal for gaming and movies I have an ipad 3 and haven't play a game on it since picking mini up
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    iPad Mini obsolete already?

    They had to keep ipad mini within a price range to keep inline with other 7" tablets on the market QUOTE=lecycliste;696873]The debut iPad Mini looks like it was released just in time to kill Android tablet Christmas sales. I won't say 'rushed'. Apple never rushes anything, they just...
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    I bought black 64gb just cos I need space for movies I also have ipad 3 but find mini nicer in the hand
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    iPad compared to Galaxy Tab - My Thoughrs

    Well I have iPad 2 and blackberry playbook iPad I use at home for surfing and watching movies and a few games works for me but!!!! Playbook I take to work perfect for spreadsheets great for filling for movies when I have to work away opted for 64gb So there both great for what I use...
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    Best divx (or mkv) to ipad video converter

    You don't need a converter just buy avplayerhd app and it will play what ever you chuck at it no need to wait hours to convert Hope this helps Martin
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    Movie sync om iTunes not working

    Avplayerhd I use it instead of iPad video player
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    .avi movies on Ipad2

    Avplayerhd every time never fails
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    Movie into ipad...

    Avplayerhd no need to convert
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    Copying movies to Ipad2

    Avplayerhd works a treat it's an app in app store you still fire up iTunes but then go to apps and then add away hope this helps
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    Ipad2 - iSO 5.1.1

    iOS 5.1 was released a few days ago but some people are still having problems when trying to update. The download can time out, not start at all, or sometimes throw an error message saying “Unable to Check for Update. An error occurred while checking for a software update.” or “The network...