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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    Pretty broad statement. FWIW, I prefer the TomToms I've used to the Garmin. I personally don't believe either one is better - no matter where you're going, you're going to find an area where either one might give bad directions or not find a road at all. As for interface, it's purely a...
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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    So don't use a gps at all? Don't know what to tell you. All I'm saying is that with most of the recent models you'll never have to pay for US map updates. If you travel out of the country, then yes chances are you'll have to buy a map for that country.
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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    Roadmaps, not to mention topo & watermaps of the whole world, would take up a LOT of memory space. If there are any gps units offering all of that in one unit, they're far & few between and probably prohibitively expensive for the everyday consumer to justify the cost. Mark
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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    Then maybe try TomTom? I have a newer unit with both lifetime map updates and free traffic - no ads. Mark
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    iPad 64GB WiFi problems (cannot connect)

    In your case it sounds like it's something other than an Apple problem.
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    Using Ipad 2 as GPS?

    Many current Garmin (and other brand) GPS units come with free lifetime map updates, and many for less than $150. What do you mean by "new models are needlessly annoying"? There's no reason anymore to buy a standalone GPS that doesn't have free map updates. BTW, I have 2 TomTom units so I'm...
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    ZAGGfolio vs M.I.C. keyboard?

    I know this is a long shot, but has anyone tried both of these? There's enough of a price difference (even with shipping costs) that I don't mind waiting a little longer for the shipping on the M.I.C. version. BTW, I have an iPad2. Thanks, Mark
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    GPS question

    With wi-fi and cellular turned off how long should it typically take iPad to get a satellite signal? I do have the wi-fi + 3G version, so out of curiosity wanted to see if I could use the GPS. Left it on for many minutes, but it never seemed to get a signal. I was in my yard with a (mostly)...
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    Ipad 2 smart cover is horrible!

    I'm always surprised when I read a complaint like this. Do people really not look over something before spending money for it? It's very clear from ads and photos that it is just a cover for the screen. Mark
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    Wi-fi connect problem

    I ended up exchanging the first one when it wouldn't connect to public wi-fi either. The 2nd one worked on public wi-fi but still not at home; I've posted my solution in a new thread, but in summary I solved by changing the security on my router to WPA2 (it had been WEP). Thanks, Mark
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    iPad 2 wifi issues with diagnostics

    I had tried resetting the iPad a couple times, as well as turning off & unplugging the router to no avail. What finally solved it in my case was to change the security to WPA2 from WEP. I know that won't help in EwanG's case. I know in some cases the only way to solve was to replace the...
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    Solved wi-fi home connection problem

    Hopefully this helps someone else. I have posts in other threads about my issues connecting to wi-fi at home. I logged in to my router, and at first just disabled the security. The iPad2 connected to the internet, no problem. It was using WEP, and I understand WPA2 is supposed to be more...
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    iPad 2 wifi issues with diagnostics

    I'm having the same issue, though I haven't yet turned off the security on my router - need to do a factory reset, lost the password. I have the same problem however - even if I use a Static IP Address and type it in, I can't get internet connectivity. I've tried everything suggested other...
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    iPad2 and Verizon MI424WR router?

    I've exchanged my first iPad2 after it didn't work on wi-fi seemingly at all. With the 2nd one it didn't work at home on the router named above, but did connect (albeit it was slow to lock in) at a Panera Bread and at the Apple store. They recommended removing security on the router, which I...
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    Wi-fi connect problem

    My iPod Touch is set for DHCP, so I'm sure if the router wasn't set as a DHCP server this wouldn't work. Mark