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  1. maplemeadows

    Dream list of wants for iPad 3

    Not sure why it looks blocky, it has the same screen as the iPad 2 and I honestly think iPad trumps just about all other tablets in screen quality. Just so damn vibrant. But I do have to say, after owning the iPad 2 for a year when I use my cousins iPad 1 it feels a tad sluggish. I mean the...
  2. maplemeadows

    Apple Looking Into Using MagSafe Ports and Wireless Charging for iOS Devices

    Mixed feelings about a change in the iOS charging port. I know it is sort of due, however this will be a big mess cause a lot of existing peripherals which will not be compatible. For example, my gym has cardio machines which all have the classic 30 pin connector. If they update new iOS devices...
  3. maplemeadows

    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    Wait . . . . You mean you want the old school stainless steel backing?!?! The one which scratches like crazy? Why oh why woudl you want that on an iPad?
  4. maplemeadows

    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    When you guys say flash do you mean like for taking night pictures with your iPad? Or do you mean flash the Adobe program? Cause no chance in hell Apple would do that LOL
  5. maplemeadows

    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    For me what I want is better speakers. I use my iPad a lot and some Internet videos simply are not loud enough. What do you guys want to see in iPad 3?
  6. maplemeadows

    Good video converter for iPad 2?

    I use Vuze. It's my torrent downloader and you can also convert videos through it. It also has resolution converters cause some of my videos I plan to AirPlay it to my apple tv. It's a sweet FREE app for the computer.
  7. maplemeadows

    What was the app you used last?

    iPod app! Lol Listening to lady gaga.
  8. maplemeadows

    Looking for a good law/legal studies audiobook

    Hello, I am a 2nd year university student studying Canadian law. Am interested in finding a good law audiobook to pass the time with. Any recommendations? Thanks.