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  1. mantarkus

    does any one still have a ipad 1?

    As I mentioned in another similar thread, I still use my iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken to play games, watch movies and browsing. I have no need to update since,as others have mentioned, are intended for either the iPhone 5 larger screen or IOS 6. An update doesn't really mean upgrade. I have no...
  2. mantarkus

    Is it possible to have more RAM installed Orig. ipad?

    Given enough time even the iPad 4 will be a paper weight. I'd stay away from updates that do not address a real issue or are meant for iOS 6 compatibility, just because it's an update doesn't mean it's an upgrade.
  3. mantarkus

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Have you tried using anti-glare screen protectors? not only it cuts down on the glare but the matte texture helps your fingers move across the screen smoothly. David C.
  4. mantarkus

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Obviously it was meant as a joke since people have mentioned not used their iPad 1 for a while and it's just sitting there, hence the $50 offer. I know they go for more on Craiglist and such, I bought mine from eBay as I mentioned in my original post.
  5. mantarkus

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Oh BTW to any of you with an iPad 1 in good condition and that's just collecting dust, I have $50 with your name on it. I'll even pay Shipping ;) David C.
  6. mantarkus

    Otterbox-Too Weighty for Ipad 1????

    Same here iPad 1 with Black Otterbox Defender. Great protection against bumps, drops, scratches and anything a toddler might throw at it. Two layers of protection plus a removable cover/stand. But this kind of protection does come with added weight, but then again your baby won't be carrying it...
  7. mantarkus

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    Actually I did not buy my iPad 1 new. I bought it from eBay a few months ago when the iPad 3 was launched and I've been really happy with it. Yes, it might not be as fast and some apps might lag a bit (which I assume is because it's jailbroken), and even the battery seems to not to last as long...
  8. mantarkus

    Reverting to older app versions.

    Wow that seems easy, I thought I would have to go to some repository and find the version I needed. I'll try your instructions and report back if anything goes wrong. Thanks. David C.
  9. mantarkus

    Reverting to older app versions.

    Hello. First time posting but I've been following the forum since I bought a used iPad 1 early this year. So far I've been enjoying my new toy now jailbreaked and living inside an Otterbox case. My only concern is the recent apps updates that are intended for IOS 6 and iPhone 5 will overpower my...