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    Cant Decide!

    Get iPad 3 apple sell refurbished for a big saving I got 64gb iPad 3 for £429 ! Not a lot of difference between 3 and 4 apart from speed which you probably won't notice ... Some apps loads a couple of seconds faster but for the dosh saving its worth the delay . Search google for apple refurbished
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    Can iPad Mini play HD games/content?

    I'm well chuffed
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    Anyone here planning to switch from iPad 3 or 2 to the Mini?

    I have sold my iPad 3 and bought an iPad mini . I haven't looked back yes I can tell the difference on safari and apps page however apps , video and pictures look as crisp as the retina Yes it's only iPad 2 quality but the smaller screen makes everything look crisp and its the same speed I...
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    Just got it!

    The only thing I find weird is the apps page and text on Internet etc is poor but apps, films and picturs are fantastic . I came from retina iPad so can tell difference what I'm thankful for is the video pics and apps look as good Watched he film today it was awesome
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    Just got it!

    Got mine today I went from retina iPad 3 to the Samsung note 10.1 what a mistake ! Note 10.1 was returned for refund and I got the mini instead Love it ! Only downside is the screen after using retina What's weird most apps look fantastic so do the pics but the apps pages are where I...
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    Since IO6

    You wanna try the android version my wife has my old s3 the Facebook app is abysmal
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    Pls, help!!

    Unfortunately not now
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    New iPad 3 and iOS 6...

    So that will mean 6mp gmt ? Hurry up want ios 6
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    IPAD 3 GPS question

    Confirm that the 4g version does I use mine as my replacement sat nav and it's very accurate The wifi version doesn't
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    Help smashed my ipad screen ;(

    ]Disaster yesterday with my £649 64gb 4g iPad .. I was picking it up at my other in laws and dropped it on a stone floor Luckily I had a protective case on so there is no damage to the case itself just the digitiser is smashed as the screen underneath is perfect I have gadget insurance on the...
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    Transfer enhanced pictures in album from ipad to pc please help

    Have been away in Scotland for a week and uploaded all my pics from my memory card to my iPad . I have enhanced them and cropped some of them . I have returned home and can't work out how to transfer the enhanced / cropped pics back to my pc I have managed to transfer the pics from my iPad but...
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    Best Sat Nav

    I can't see the option for that ? Any idea where that option is ? Thanks
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    Best Sat Nav

    I downloaded motion x and really can't work out how to use it .. How do you get voice nav ? When I select navigate to it draws a line and does not I have 4g iPad so have gps
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    new ipad map problem...

    Yep no gps in wifi model and only 2 Bluetooth gps receivers work with iPad due to restrictions do search on iPad gps on eBay ull see them
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    Best Sat Nav

    Quite Agree as they are so expensive and there is no trial on apple unlike .. Cough android