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    How to clear buffer memory of. Email address ?

    Hi All I have got reply from my Boss , I should not send him email thru his Gmail account . So I delete his Gmail address from my contact app. But when I start send a new email , when I type his name :- Hendry It will appear two email address For me to select :- Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx...
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    HD movie how to play on iPad ?

    Hi Sir I unable locate YouTube HD , insist I found world tube HD. And found world tube quite good app. mxTube I am unable to locate , it is from cydia ? Paul
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    HD movie how to play on iPad ?

    Hi All I have using the internet download manager to download the below HD movie :- I copy to VLC folder , when I play the movie , it display the file as HD. And show warning massage " iPad is too slow to watch this movie " Can some one tell me what...
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    Track friend Birthday

    Kay*3, yes it work, this is great.
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    How to use iPad to view the below link ?

    You are good. I just try it work now. Thank
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    How to use iPad to view the below link ?

    Hi All Above link when you open you will notice below there it a scrol bar allow you to move the page to right and allow you view all 65 bag. Using iPad I am not able to move the scrol bar to the right. Using PC is possible. Any...
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    How to use my iphone 4 most of the time ?

    Hi All I travel a lot , I now using iphone 3 for all oversea 2 nd hand phand. My iphone 4 alway using when I stay in singapore. My iphone 3 home button have been repair once. And still not so good . My question is due to iphone 4 sim card is macro . All my oversea sim card is normal. I...
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    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I find iPad to big for music purpose, only use iPad for internet access --- I am here:,103.806299
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    Youtube video

    Since I found this post , may I ask can I download you tube movie to my VLC folder , with out using Itune ? Or what other app I can use to download movie from you tube for off line viewing . --- I am here:,103.806504
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    Track friend Birthday

    Unable to locate the app from apple app store.
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    Track friend Birthday

    Hi All I like to track my friend birthday , may I know which app is best ? --- I am here:,103.806773
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    Why enter new contact if no 3G Or wifi it will not sync

    The problem is in case my both iphone and iPad no wifi and when update new contact , may I know how to force both of them sync ? --- I am here:,103.821708
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    Sync with Outlook?

    Try pocket informant , I notice many people use this app. --- I am here:,103.806850
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    Tethering iPhone 4 or Android to iPad 2

    Did you try reset your network ? From setting , network, Cellular data network , reset setting .
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    Alarm clock app

    I think I better use radio alarm clock for sure it is better option. Will try the down load app and try. So I can wake up slowly.