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Recent content by Mad_Maru

  1. Mad_Maru

    Folio Style Keyboards

    Check out the Zaggkeys folio its a lightweight solution with built-in backlight and I've used it for over a year with only minor issues that have been covered by free warranty Sent from my  iPhone[emoji768] using Tapatalk
  2. Mad_Maru

    Could the iPhone 6 Seriously Affect iPad Sales?

    I think projections should look into the purchases made every two years as many only change their device inline with contracts etc. hence I'm due the iPhone 6 and got iPad Air last year. Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  3. Mad_Maru

    What changes have you guys noticed on IOS 7.1

    If only they have slowed down my new iPad Air pass code takes patience or guess work to unlock screen. Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  4. Mad_Maru

    What changes have you guys noticed on IOS 7.1

    Also found the shutdown icons changed much like the phone icons on my iPhone 5 Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  5. Mad_Maru

    What changes have you guys noticed on IOS 7.1

    My iPad Air takes an age to input the pin code since the update after the screen has been in standby. :( Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  6. Mad_Maru

    Bad time to buy 4th gen iPad?

    My advise for what it's worth is to wait a week if an announcement is pending nothing is lost, if nothing but silence buy what you can afford or borrow someone's that damn allow you to test the app. Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  7. Mad_Maru

    Any good Ipad 4 keyboards?

    I use a zagg pro keys Bluetooth solution and as stated the battery life is so long I really wouldn't worry about a keyboard that uses power from your device as well I cannot see a direct need for it. Sent from my  iPhone® using Tapatalk
  8. Mad_Maru

    future of ipads

    iPads are useful and simple tool with many uses. If you require a powerful solution for any graphic intensive applications etc then laptop or MBP would be your solution. I feel that soon tablets will just be the interface to connect to more powerful systems to increase power & usability. Sent...
  9. Mad_Maru

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Getting up after a late one, checking IPF & thinking if reasons to justify staying in bed a few more hours as the weather is pish!
  10. Mad_Maru

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Looper with Bruce Willis in, well worth a watch if you need some popcorn entertainment.
  11. Mad_Maru

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    In bed replying to IPF on my day off, time to get up & get this day started.
  12. Mad_Maru

    Is Apple be Coming Microsoft?

    I agree with what has been said the way products are brought out is a needed occurrence as if the companies stood still tech advancements would suffer. As long as devices do what we require of them then it's a win for me and I'll stick to my two yearly cycle of upgrading as that suits my pocket...
  13. Mad_Maru

    How many iPad users are iPhone users as well?

    Tempted to get the full set with the iPad mini to go along with my iPad 2 & i5
  14. Mad_Maru

    Do you leave your iPad on while charging it?

    Always on only turn off if something is a miss or not working correctly.
  15. Mad_Maru

    How Often Do You Post on iPF?

    Not as much as I'd like I spend more time reading up then contributing but will chime in more often now.