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    Recorded Video Shows More Than What Was On Screen

    Yeah, I noticed that. Whilst in camera mode, if you switch between photo and video recording mode you can clearly see that the screen image zooms in a few levels when video is selected. Which, as you say, doesn't 'fully' reflect what you're actually capturing on the screen. It's not a big...
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    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    OK, all you guys in Canada and the states, try not to laugh too loudly! Here's my results in Scotland UK, using the provider Three (3). No LTE, just 3G services for us on this model iPad. Thought I'd put a smile on your In use, both download and upload speeds are a little...
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    No, only dead pixels, never had any other issues. All the displays I had were very white. The final one I have with the good screen is also very white, so no issues for me last!!!!
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    OK, perhaps I over-reacted a little having received my third iPad with dead pixels! Just as a quick update, my issues have been completely resolved and I am back to having a big smile on my face. After getting the 3rd bad screen, I called Apple again and they suggested that I took it to my...
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    OK - this is my final post on this thread - 3rd replacement ipad delivered & tested - DEAD PIXELS!!! - gutted, and completely finished with iPad I'm afraid. Hope you guys enjoy your perfect displays, but I can't find one without dead pixels after 3 tries! So not going to waste any more time -...
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    Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

    Since purchasing my new iPad, I have also noticed a significant increase in Global Warming... ...however, 3G seems to be working OK!
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    Bad camera, 2nd broken ipad in one week!?

    Perhaps the pics you provided are not a great example, because the results look fairly typical of the hardware specs of each camera to me. The front-facing camera is standard VGA and designed for low resolution use, i.e. FaceTime etc. I'm not seeing where your issue is from the examples you...
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    I'll let Apple worry about their resources - All I know is that I'm paying Apple top dollar and I'm certainly happy to pay for quality.
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Yeah! feel your pain - Although, at least you got it swapped out in-store quickly for a good one. I ordered my one online from Apple Store as I don't have a local store. It's been like a postal lottery waiting for each new unit to be delivered. So we'll see what tomorrow brings huh? :)
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Thank you sir! Yeah I'm really loving this new iPad; the text on web sites and documents is just SO clear - I'm definately feeling a lot less eye-strain on this display when reading for long periods - fingers crossed for tomorrow. If this one has dead pixels; you'll simply hear a single gun...
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Woohoo! Just got an SMS from Apple Store saying that my replacement ipad 3 will be delivered tomorrow! This will be my 3rd attempt at finding a pixel perfect display! Even though I've still got the other 2 ipads sitting here to be returned and I have been playing with them non-stop; I'm still...
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Whoa there Hoss!... ...Apple Genius Bar Geniuses are 'real' Geniuses!!!
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    Major back light leak on my new iPad

    Don't you just hate it when you look under a skirt to check if a girl has shaved all of her legs and you notice that she's got a bad dose of light leak and dead pixels! I mean, you wouldn't want to take that kind of girl home to meet your mother would you? :D
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    I feel your pain! - did you get a good one in the end or are you going for double digits?
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    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Just received an email from Apple to say that my second replacement iPad is being shipped in 1-3 days priority post. I want to believe this will be 'the one' with zero dead pixels, but for obvious reasons I'm not feeling confident. I hope I get a pleasant surprise. Buying a new product...