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    Change in ATT Data plans

    Wait do you mean I won't be able to tether my iPhone to my iPad? Why would it matter?:confused:
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    iPhone 4G / iPhone HD

    Right now I have an iPhone 3G and will be upgrading my phone. I am waiting to see what the new iphone will have and compare to the Sprint EVO. I live outside of Boston (and should see 4g Sprint soon). I love the iPhone UI and having everything just work with my MAC, but if I can save some $$...
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    I was really looking at this, however I am not sure about two things. One is how Sprint service is here is MA (north of Boston) and the extra $29.00 fee for mifi. I used Sprint a number of years ago and the service was awful. Anyone know what it's like now? I have looked at their map, but would...
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    Why Jailbreak with Release 4 imminent?

    The only reason I jailbroke my 3G was to tether it to my wifi iPad. At this point I am still on the 10 day trial and not sure what I am going to do yet!
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    WiFi Ipad on an airplane?

    It should not interfere! If you turn it off during take off, landing and off course turn off Wifi you should have no problem using it to play games, watch a movie, listen to music or whatever. Also if you are on Airtran or another Airline that offers Wifi you could use it online as well!:)
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    WIFI Problems

    I have had my 16GB WiFi since day 1 and have been to the Apple store twice, exchanged once, called Fios support once and Apple phone support twice. I am still have a few problems but nothing compared to before Apple phone support. I still will drop Wifi at least once or twice a night. However...
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    I won't! I jailbroke my iPhone to tether to the iPad! :)
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    Wifi problem

    I went to my local Apple Store both on Sunday and yesterday. Yesterday they replaced my unit. However I am still having an issue that it will drop my wifi. When it does this I need to put the pad to sleep and wake it up and my wifi will be back.
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    iPad + AirStash = Very Cool!

    No, my Airstash is on order and has been before I got my iPad.
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    The iPad Arcade Cabinet

    LOL, they got me! That would be cool though!
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    Check out this case

    Yeah! SFBags are fantastic, I love the bag! But there is no way I will pay that price.
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    Check out this case

    I think I may have found my case. Happy Owl Studio - iPad Clutch and Wallet - Home
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    UPS confirms mine WILL NOT be delivered by Sat even though UPS does Sat delivery here

    Still waiting for my shipping info. My order status still says prepared for shipment. Here's hoping mine is on time. I live outside Boston and my area does have Sat. delivery!
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    No, mine is a 16GB that I ordered on the 15th :D
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Yeah, my status just went to prepared for shipment!