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Recent content by Louisg

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    Ios4.2 update

    I have several pictures stored on iPad when I update to 4.1 will the update erase all pics even if they are in iPad app Stash Pro?
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    Iphone USB Connector

    Does anyone know? Will the old Iphone usb connectors work with the Ipad?
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    is anyone having difficulty opening utube from the Ipad? Every time I click on it nothing happens.
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    iBooks update has been released!!!

    I have connected my IPAD 32 gb wifi to my laptop. Itunes recognized it but said software was up to date???
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    Internet Connectivity

    I travel quite a bit, some hotels only offer wired internet. Does anyone out there know how to connect to wired internet service?:mad:
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    Zagg Protective Covers

    I am thinking about having a Zagg protective cover put on screen and body. Has anyone done this to their Ipad? Any issues?
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    Bluetooth earbuds for Ipad

    Hey anybody know of a good set of bluetooth eaqrbuds that will work with my Ipad???I travel a lot and the wires are a pain. I have a pair of Bose but they are big and bulky to travel with. Thanks
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    iPad camera connectors

    Anybody out ther know where a newbie can pick up a set od the camera connectors? No best buy, no apple?
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    Apple to charge for iPad OS upgrades after one freebie

    Will we ba able to download upgrades from iPad or will we have to connect to iiTunes?
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I travel internationally quite a lot. Now I won't have to carry books or DVDs!
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    Official iPad Owners List

    3/09/10 Apple Store Houston. My wife bought me the 32 gb wifi. Wow,
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    Connecting external hd

    External hd Bruno tks for the info, however if you jailbreak the iPad don't you lose the ability for future updates from apple.
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    Connecting external hd

    Hi I am new at this jst got my iPad yesterday for my Bday. Is there any way to connect an external hd to it. I've got tons of movies etc
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    Printing from ipad

    Does it print docs well. I have read postings where print is blurred
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    Printing from ipad

    Has anyone found an application that will allow you to print docs from iPad.