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Recent content by loiscollins

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    IPad Screen Forzen

    The screen of iPad frozen and I tried to fix it turning off the device and turning on it? I do not have enough technical knowledge to fix it technically, What is the easier thing I can do myself to fix it?
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    Guitar app for jail-broken iPad

    Are you a fresher..then you should learn basic things to play. so, I hope the Guitar Tricks app would be nice choice as it contains Guitar lessons
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    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    I die-hard Alan walker fan and always listening his song and now.. it's Ignite
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Looking for interesting topics in the forum
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    It is "It"...really horrible clown there
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    Addict to memes

    most of the people fall asleep when watching films..But if you feel it is bad and it interrupts your daily tasks. you need to be really aware of it
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    Art apps

    I hope comic life will be the ideal software for you.check out it
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    Apple watch does not pair with iPhone

    I cannot pair Apple Watch with iPhone .I tried several times ..but It does not bind with it
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    Math Riddle

    What is a mathematician’s favorite dessert?
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    pad man
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    Bee marriage

    Why did the bee marry?
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    my last film was Aquaman..I enjoyed it