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    Hay Day Friend ID Requests

    Daily GC name is lady756
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    iPad 3 impression...sorely disappointed!

    If you can't tell the difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad, I wouldn't force it. I would stick with the iPad 2. There are some people who can't tell the difference between HD and SD. I don't know if its a vision thing, but I wouldn't pay for upgraded technology if I couldn't enjoy it.
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    My New iPad / iPad 3 Unboxing Video!

    Thanks for the video! It's appreciated!
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    32gb wifi OR 16gb 4G?

    From the Techcrunch review: "On the iPad I’m testing out, I have three pages of apps, a few hundred photos, one HD movie, and one music album. It’s really not that much stuff, but it takes up over 20 GB of storage. The apps alone are over 10 GB of that." The New iPad Makes Apple
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    When were you CHARGED for your order?

    I was charged for both at the time of the order (the 7th and the 9th). The charges never dropped off.
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    This will be my 1st iPad, but....

    I use it for reading my RSS feeds, Twitter, gaming, surfing the web, productivity (to-do and calendar), etc.etc. I can go a couple of days without touching my laptop. I never realized how much I used it until I sold it. It's been two LONG weeks. Friday can't come soon enough.
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    Anyone else so disappointed they want to cry?

    All the "rumors" were pretty much true. What exact features were you expecting?
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    32gb wifi OR 16gb 4G?

    I would pick 32GB over 4G.
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    Moat likely keeping iPad 2

    Something that you think is a subtle improvement may be a drastic improvement to someone else.
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    I miss my iPad

    I haven't had mine since March 1st. My iPhone and Macbook Air have never gotten so much use!
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    I think my Ipad is comming tomorow on Monday.

    I don't think I've ever heard of anyone getting an Apple product four days before release. A day or two, yes. If this was a normal package, my iPads would be here tomorrow too considering they're two hours away, but I fully expect to get them on Friday and not a day sooner. It would be cool...
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    How will I notice improved screen resolution on new iPad?

    Not sure why you are trying so hard to justify spending money you don't need to? If it's this hard you should probably save your hard-earned cash and continue to be happy with the iPad 2 and wait it out until Apple offers something you don't need to justify to buy. The iPad 2 is still an...
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    Won't retina display become more a problem than an improvement for users?

    I believe the size problem will be an issue. The apps that Apple upgraded last week have already doubled in size. That's precisely the reason why I changed my mind about the 32GB and switched to a 64GB. I suspect that next year they will need to offer a bigger iPad.
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    Did You Sell Your iPad1 To Raise Funds For iPad3?

    Gazelle's quotes are always pretty low. You can usually sell for more in a private sale. Personally I feel that $150 is too low. I would only sell it that low if I was trying to help someone out.
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    Did You Sell Your iPad1 To Raise Funds For iPad3?

    I think that's pretty low. I sold my 16GB Wifi for double that. In fact, I sold my Kindle Fire that I owned since November for more than that.