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    How do you add words to the spell checker?

    you have got to be kidding me ... what a pathetic excuse for proper technology ... I have to do a WORKAROUND to get the spell check to not flag my name and those of my associates? Where does Apple get off not providing this basic amenity that MS Word has provided from Day One? I do love my iPad...
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    moving/saving in Bookmarks Bar

    Thank you very much again, Tim ... easy when you know how :o I will keep trying to figure things out for myself and of course in the last resort .... RTFM
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    moving/saving in Bookmarks Bar

    Many thanks indeed, Tim, now I should be able to get flight status info when I'm helping people at Travelers Aid with Flight Information - Airports - The Port Authority of NY & NJ any ideas about the bookmarks thing please???
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    moving/saving in Bookmarks Bar

    please help - I want to save some bookmarks in the bookmarks bar or move saved bookmarks to the bookmarks bar - the 3-lines icon doesn't let me swipe the bookmark up into the bar which is empty - so how ... ? I'm enjoying the swiping thing btw but I have found a few websites that can't be...
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    hesitant first Apple steps after years of skepticism

    Many thanks, Gabriel1 and MountainbikerMark, for your very helpful hints and comments. I used both - loved the drop into dock hint, and also need to slow down when trying to move jiggling icons. Now ALL my app icons are neatly stored on one home page. The folders are pretty BORING in appearance...
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    hesitant first Apple steps after years of skepticism

    I do indeed love my iPad2 after seeing how much my friends Laura and Jen love their iPads. I am keeping an open mind - having, as a committed PC user, observed the smugness of Apple users over the years and heard all the stories about the superiority of Apple products. There are a few roadblocks...
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    ipad 2 case reccomendations?

    Very pleased indeed with my Bluetooth Logitech keyboard/cover ... makes my iPad2 work ALMOST as much like a computer as my Eesus netbook, light, protects well, not a budget buster
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    Folders and apps

    Why are a couple of my app icons in a third screen to the right ... I can't seem to move them into the folders where i want them to be. And can I DELETE the iPhone icon - I'm a dedicated Blackberry user?