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    Not sure I follow. Who will charge you of you use it on a 3G network beyond one month? Carrier? Skype?
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    Two months now -- how much data usage?

    First month I was about 2gb, all 3G with Bell. Worked well. Called Bell a couple days ago to add another 5gb for $35. That was painful, taking about 20 minutes. CAR said system was slow, but I got the feeling he was a new rep. I'll see how next months topup goes. If as slow, I'm switching to Rogers.
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    iPad owners average age

    Curious - what age group are most iPad owners in? I accidently typed ipOd instead of ipAd in the poll. Can't see a way to edit the poll part of the post.
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    Rogers 3G activation issues... Anyone?

    I read somewhere else that the Rogers apn is: rogers-core-appl1.apn Itunes should update the carrier settings but did not update mine which is on Bell. Once I enetered Bell's apn, everything was good after restarting the iPad.
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    Rogers 3G activation issues... Anyone?

    settings->cellular data->apn if it's blank change it to restart
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    Hello from Ontario

    Hi All, I've been reading through the forums and finding lot's of good stuff. I'm a new iPad owner - yesterday I picked up my 64GB 3G from Bestbuy along with the Apple case. I had intended on getting the 16GB but BB ony had the 64GB. In the end I'm glad it worked out that way as I've already...