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  • Dear leelai, I really need your help :)
    I have just returned to the forum and am still getting used to the changes. I tried to log in today but my username was not accepted so I used my email address and managed to log on. I can see the problem, it is the use of the Spanish letter ç in my username. Will I be able to change my username to say, mesqueunclub
    Love your new " CAT "! Thanks for your wonderful Hi's and mentions! Much appreciated ! Love the new icons and labels for the posts! I wish I could spend more time online. Exhaustion from that flu, but I'm getting there! Skimonkey gave me a like! That was a nice surprise. Take care. Hope all is well with you and yours! xx diane
    Read ur message but am getting visitor messages here instead of Pms.
    Txs for taking care of it. Will try to find webtv post in Help thread now
    Email sent me to this and tricks but cannot find the right thread! what was i sent here for/
    I still can't delete Pms so am unable to send any more. Leelai, hope u can read this.
    I am so sorry I wrote that last message thinking I was writing to someone else. Sorry, it is not the first time! Duh, I need to pay better attention! Diane/squib
    Just got to ur pm with avatar but don't see recent message to me..just older one.
    Wonder why my smilies came up blank on post here
    Maybe I have to go to page 2. Lol
    Thanks!! LEELAI, I was so sure I was sending a PM to Johanna! I have tried all those things, it just won't work for me! Diane/squib
    Hi, glad you are over the flu. Glad to be back too. It looks like this one is going to stick for awhile! Glad to hear from you! Hey maybe you can answer a question for me.? I can't seem to create an album in my profile page. Is there an answer on how to do that in the IPF rules and tutorial? Thanks! Diane/squib
    Thanks...I AM feeling well and think I just might be well for a good stretch this time! So glad to see you out on the IPF again. I love this forum because of people like you. Diane (squib)
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