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    My perfect iPad. What would you change?

    The more you add things like multiple user accounts and file systems (and yes, I'd like them too) the more you turn the iPad into a computer like we've had for decades and to which so many people find confusing and hard to use. Maybe have simple mode/geek mode as a setting so that those of us...
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    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    There is no USB port. There is an optional adapter that will allow folks to connect to a memory card. No indication whether we'll have a general usb adapter for things, say, like a web cam :) Lee
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    iPad Pre-Orders Reach 91,000 on 1st Day

    Good point about global sales. As far as the economy....that really doesn't matter if Apple expects to sell 4 million units. I'm just saying that 91,000 or 120,000 pre orders might not be as impressive as it sounds. Then again, I have no idea how many iPhones or iPod Touches were pre...
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    iPad Pre-Orders Reach 91,000 on 1st Day

    I guess we'll have to see. Wouldn't most of those who wanted to preorder, do so on the first day they could? Apple would need to sell near a half million iPads a month to make the 4-5 million iPads sold this year. That's nearly 15,000 that need to sell every day. That's 650,000 ipads that...
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    Why? Who has an old iPad laying around that they are tired of such that they want it for linux? If you are going to buy a new iPad -- but you don't want to run the iPhone OS....why wouldn't you just buy an Android tablet from the get go? Lee
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    Full OSX on Apple iPad

    Tablet computers have been out for years and years. I do not want a "tablet computer". The laptop is a great form factor for general computing. But that's just me. When people were wondering what kind of netbook Apple would come out with -- I said then (more than a year ago) -- that I...
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    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    I wouldn't think so. I would not want a tablet computer even if it was as powerful as my laptop. The clamshell design of a laptop is great for keyboard/"mouse". I don't expect to use my iPad for word processing, programming, photo editing and the like. Lee
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    What am i doing wrong?

    Maybe they don't have stores in Ohio. Lee
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    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    Apple says it's iPad "office" will be compatible with MS-Word files. However, I would not consider the iPad a replacement for a laptop. How you are describing your usage scenario -- I wouldn't recommend the iPad. Lee
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    an iPhone owner wanting the iPad, but the price...

    If you are under your two year contract with AT&T then the answer is going to be "no". AT&T subsidized your iPhone purchase and you agreed to pay $30/mo for 2 years for a data plan. I don't know if you can drop your data plan after your 2 years. Lee
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    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    The iPhone didn't have copy/paste. Criticizing it's lack of copy/paste was therefore valid. The iPad doesn't support flash yet claims to be the "best internet experience". Given that flash is a very important web techology, it's valid to criticize Apple's choice to exclude flash. That's...
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    Why I didn't wait for the iPad killers

    Ok....from the "why not xyz alternative" perspective. If I decided it would be nice to have a slate device that's neither a smartphone nor a laptop -- why not.... Wait for the HP Slate? The Slate looks to be a nice device. We'll have to wait and see how it well it performs once it's...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Preordered mine precisely at 7:30 central. Could not figure out how to order for pickup at the Apple Store (we have one near our house) - so I ordered delivery. THEN I got the email from apple with the link to reserve one at the Apple Store -- so I reserved on too :) Lee
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    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    Lee so you don't need to buy an iPad, nobody force you to buy one ... I have Iphone 3Gs , and my wife have a 3 G and both of us will buy an iPad, for personal and professional use ... and we know we will be satisfied but some people like you even god cannot made the satisfied I cut my post...
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    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    I think most of the criticisms are valid. The iPad does lack features that are common to every other device in it's price class. And Apple is a "control freak" of a company. It would be nice to have the option of running flash. It would be nice to have a webcam. It would be nice to have...