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Recent content by LeDave

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    iPad 3's battery percentage,goin crazy.

    Doesn't happen with my iPad but my new iPhone 5 does the same thing with 97% and 100% variants. It works fine still so I am not worried.
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    Modern war question before buying

    Can modern war 3 players play with modern war 4 players? Or should I buy the most populated one? And which modern war is more populated, 1, 2, 3, or 4? Thanks!
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    Superman Logo in HD for iPad-3 !

    I'm looking for a "clean" one too, can't find them. Bump for a find. EDIT: I've managed to find a couple but the logo is the new one based off Man Of Steel that is coming out soon. I found the last one to be the best to use because when in horizontal flip, the edges slowly fades out perfectly.
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    For ipad 4 owners-how is overheating now

    I played Infinity Blade on it for about a hour and it only got warm, not hot.
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    For ipad 4 owners-how is overheating now

    I just bought my new iPad 4 32gb wifi about a month ago and no overheating issues so far.
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    Need a decent iPad 4 external keyboard.

    I just recently purchased a Zagg Profolio+ keyboard for my iPad, don't know how it'll turn out but I know it'll be good because it costed $130. I'll let ya know if you want once it ships to my place. Here's a short video in the meanwhile that I've also been watching.
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    Bought a new iPad 4

    Hi everyone. My name is Dave. I just got a new iPad 4 black 32gb wifi from my parents and I just ordered a Invisibleshield HD and a Profolio+ keyboard from Zagg. I regret asking for a 32gb instead of a 64 because the memory could come in handy. I am planning to buy Fullmetal Alchemist seasons 1...