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Recent content by Laurens

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    New fonts in iOS 4.2.1

    Just for listing all the fonts Unfortunately only a few apps allow you to make full use of iOS fonts. The Typefaces app is just for viewing the fonts that are installed.
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    Occasional screen flicker - is that normal?

    I never associated the flickering with battery level - but rather with wifi activity. Will check now if it only happens with a nearly fully charged battery.
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    Very disappointed with ios 4.2

    No problems here either - well worth the wait.
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    New fonts in iOS 4.2.1

    While playing around with the Typefaces app, I noticed that Apple included nearly 50 new typefaces in iOS 4.2.1. Many of these are meant for non-Latin languages but even we get additional goodies such as 7 extra Helvetica Neue faces. The full list is in this overview. Can anyone explain the...
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    How to create a fullscreen mockup app

    Thanks, I had a look at that app but it is geared towards protoyping a single screen. I am looking for a tool that allows me to display a number of screens with very basic navigation from one to the other. Your tip however made me find other wireframing tools that might be worth looking into.
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    How to create a fullscreen mockup app

    I want to show some people what an iPad app could look like and need to create a mockup for this. What I need is the ability to have a custom icon on the iPad screen - ideally I have control over the look of the icon and its name. When you tap this icon it displays a fullscreen image (which...
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    Namco Holds Worldwide iPad and iPhone Game Sale to Celebrate Labor Day in US

    Thanks, my daughter now finally gets the expansion pack for Gravity HD.
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    Number of site visitors

    Just out of curiosity - could one of the admins look up the site stats and tell us what percentage of visitors actually use an iPad for browsing these forums? I assume the analytics can make that distinction. It should be over 50%, shouldn't it?
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    First impressions after using the iPad for three weeks

    Thanks for the feedback @gentlefury: I am using a Windows machine at home and apparently iTunes on Mac is indeed a faster. @1991-C4: The backups are incremental. If you never skip one, it takes less time each time you sync. If you're already through that inititial rush of trying out dozens of...
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    I think someone mentioned in a thread at the Mobileread forums that this has meanwhile been fixed in the latest release of iBooks.
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    First impressions after using the iPad for three weeks

    I also skipped back-ups but the upgrader to 3.2.2 insisted on backing up all data first prior to updating the OS. If you skip back-ups, doesn't that give you headaches as soon as Apple updates show up?
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    First impressions after using the iPad for three weeks

    I've done a little write-up of my impressions after using the iPad for nearly a month. You can find it on my blog. As thrilled as I am about the device itself, iTunes has proven to be a royal pain in the a**. A little rant about how annoyingly slow the backup mechanism of iTunes works is on...
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    Occasional screen flicker - is that normal?

    Once every week or so I notice that the iPad's screen starts flickering a bit. The effect usually disappears after a few minutes. It doesn't seem to be related to a particular app or way of using the machine. Is this behavior normal or have others noticed it as well? Any explanation on why this...
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    Macs at work, at home just an iPod and of course an iPad
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    Hello from Belgium

    The iPad went on sale in Belgium 3 weeks back and I got one the second day - It actually took me a day to find a place that still had them in stock. I've been using Macs for over 20 years so I more or less knew what to expect when it comes to the quality of the hardware. The software is a bit...