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    Managing photos?

    Hello! My second posting so bear with me! Managing iPad photos changed when I upgraded last week..... The original software used to manage my iphone photos transferred to ipad photos 1) in albums And 2) By dates (as the iPhone records the date !? I took photo!?) 3) by locations (as the iPhone...
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    iPad landscape mode is misbehaving!?

    iPad landscape mode! Thank you for the review! So helpful! And thanx 4 update on future iPad changes! ;)
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    iPad landscape mode is misbehaving!?

    Hello! Luv my iPad! Simply the best for googling info/emails/games/books and Ebaying! However.......may I ask if anyone might shed any light on why my iPad no longer shifts to landscape mode!? I've been googling and haven't run across a similar quirk!? I keep thinking I'm missing where u can...