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    iPad 2 Crashes

    I know there are many posts along these lines, but is there anything I can do (short of purchasing a new iPad) to stop mine from crashing a lot? I am running iOS 9.1, which I know is stressing my system. I don't mind it running slow, but crashes are really annoying. I tried a DFU but not sure...
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    Yahoo Mail on IPad

    When I go into my Yahoo mail account through Safari on my iPad, there is a folder called "Smart Folders". There is a picture folder in that section that somehow has some pictures in it. Not sure how they got in. I cannot seem to find a means to delete these pictures. Does anyone know how to...
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    Facetime on iPad 2 on Cellular

    I have my iPad 2 on Verizon. I cannot seem to use Face Time on cellular. When I go into settings for Fave Time, there is no option to select that you can use cellular and not JUST wifi. What is wrong?
  4. K

    Google Maps

    Anyone have any idea when an iPad version of the new Google Map app will be available? I know the one for the iPhone works on the iPad, but it is certainly not optimized for it. Thanks
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    Taking Videos off of an iPad2

    Have taken some videos with my iPad 2 and the files are too large to email. How can I get these files off the iPad and onto a CD? Thanks
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    Phone call ipad 2

    I went to the iTune store and found this. There were enough horror stories listed in the review section that it scared me away. It may be a great app, but just beware !!
  7. K

    Phone call ipad 2

    Bobsled works great too
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    I would love to see arrow keys to move the cursor in a document.
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    Is there a car charger for ipad??

    I have been using the Kensington one. It has two USB powerful enough for an iPad and one that can be used to charge an iPhone. Works great!
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    Dictate email

    Dragon Dictation works great too!
  11. K

    Dictate email

    Someone else's iPad has a microphone icon on the keyboard when he opens up a new email to write. It allows him to dictate an email without using things like Dragon. I don't have that icon available when I do a new message. The icon is between the space bar and the ?123 button in the left. How...
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    Mail keep mails for 3 days only

    Can't find the "mail days to sync" setting....where is it?
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Arrow buttons so you don't have to use the annoying magnifying glass thing!!!
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    Opening and signing PDF Documents

    Try SignNow.....
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    HBO Go

    I have HBO Go with Verizon IOS and it is GREAT!