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    iPad case interfering with Wifi?

    I just did a connection speed test comparing the connection with and without a case (Marware EcoVue) and it turned out to be: Without case 5mbps With case 2.5mbps Anyone else have this problem and is there a way to correct this? I didn't search for other threads with this issue by...
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    Overlay for IPad Pages keyboard

    Yea I was thinking of this sort of concept where there's a rubber film that has imprints of this exact keyboard and some sort of conductive material was glued under each key imprint. It would be a physical alternative to a soft keyboard
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    DVD to iPad

    I used that to convert The Office DVD to the iPad format but when I play it, the quality and video is all messed up. Everything is played like how a television with a bad satellite is played. Anyone know how to fix this? EDIT: Nvm, FormatFactory works well
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    Recently got an iPad :D

    Yea, I'm planning on buying that. The only thing is that it doesnt have text input so it'll take longer to take notes...depending on the type of class it is
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    Recently got an iPad :D

    :D Thank you all. Had some trouble with shipping so Im getting a refund and Im gonna order it at a store.
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    Full refund for iPad? I want to buy it in store

    I ordered an iPad yesterday and its going to start shipping July 21 :mad:. So I was wondering if I can cancel the order and buy it in store instead. If I cancel the order, will I get a full refund with the tax included?
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    Recently got an iPad :D

    I just ordered an iPad a few minutes ago and can't wait to use it :). Ive seen some useful apps I can use with the iPad and schoolwork. Im going to college too so Ill try using it for notes and light schoolwork. Also, Ive seen some people saying that a laptop is more useful than an iPad for...