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Recent content by kiwiambo

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    Skydrive / Onenote help please

    My boss has shared a file in skydrive with me. I have down loaded Onenote onto my ipad2. When I click on the file in skydrive it comes up with open in FileApp Pro / Dropbox / Noteability but I can't figure out how to open it in Onenote and the other apps can't open the file. Has anyone any...
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    Kiwiambo - new member

    Great thanks a good start. Cheers!
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    Kiwiambo - new member

    Hi, I use my Ipad for study, work and play. An iPad2, 32GB with 3G - really happy with my purchase except for the below. I brought myself an early Christmas present - thought I had done all the research but found out that I cant use a memory stick to move my files around (apart from...