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    Very Frustrating WiFi Router Handshake Problems

    So this is not a problem anyone but me has ever experienced? Which only means Windows and Android have a more robust code for logging into networks? Grrr...
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    Very Frustrating WiFi Router Handshake Problems

    OK, I'm back at a small beach town in Mexico with very slow ww speeds, and also back in the same house where last year I had these same problems. The connect & handshake with the older wifi router is terribly frustrating. Here's the deal: I can only connect to the router (after the ipad has...
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    What Can't Apple Allow my to Roll Back the a previous IOS?

    About "updates" I sometimes have a conspiracy theory that these updates have a primary function of creating planned obsolescence. All our devices are intended to be junk in X number of years only because of the updates. Did you ever hear of the light bulb still burning somewhere back east for...
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    What Can't Apple Allow my to Roll Back the a previous IOS?

    You've heard the complaints, Zagg Bluetooth keyboard ceased functioning, iPad freezes up several times a week. Wish just wish I could return to my blissful experience of last summer when this thing functioned like it was supposed to.... Pre OIS 7.0.4 Upgrade" But, The industry is racing to place...
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    Bluetooth Keyboards and IOS7 Frustrations

    Looking for any & all tips or advice on bluetooth keyboard problems after the IOS7 update. Specifically, I have the Zagg Folio case & keyboard sold for my 3rd Gen iPad. At first within minutes of the update only one of the keys (the "i" key) ceased functioning. I assumed it was a bit of sand or...
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    Which iPad Mini Keyboard to Buy? Most Portable

    I've had constant double-stroke as well as no-stroke key issues since the IOS7 upgrade. Finally broke down and ordered a replacement newer version which Zagg claims is better. Sheesh, not liking this purchase every 1.3 years as soon as the warranty expires :(
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    IOS 7 problems

    Background Ap Refresh... Hmmm. I will change this now. Thanks
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    IOS 7 problems

    I wonder if "reset all settings" would eliminate the random freeze-ups I've been having since the IOS7 upgrade? About 2-3 times per week the screen freezes, and I need to wait a few minutes before even the power-off button will respond. Once I have the iPad 3rd gen up and running again, I'll...
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    How to bypass activation lock on ios7?

    Yes, it sucks. But the big picture here is that most of us need optimum security and the Find My iPad IOS provides this. It sounds terribly negative I guess, but it's only up to you to locate the previous owner and resolve this. Your situation must represent about .000000001 % of the majority...
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    Minor Google Maps Annoyance

    When opening a Google maps page, or application.... Is there a way to teach it to stop asking "Google would like to know your current location" Like I said, it's just a minor annoyance.
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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I have not had "lag issues" too much, or I'm just too patient. But, what has happened 4 times in 2 weeks since updating the IOS is a complete brick freeze. I will be on any web page, app, whatever and the unit freezes with no options to push any buttons for help. At first it was disconcerting...
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    Mysterious Blue Dot?

    Since the IOS.7 update some of my app icons occasionally have a cute little blue dot below them. I open the app and look around, nothing new. Then what's the blue dot for?
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    Ipad email

    Another vote for IMAP. This is the ONLY way to have enjoy email. I use which cost $19 per year which seems lame but they offer fantastic service and features that I've grown to love. Having a service with not only super robust SPAM blocking, but also the option for "rules" to...
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Up/Down Arrows Don't Work Since iOS7 Upgrade

    OK, I'll give this a try. My main need for "copy/paste" is that over half my "friends" in FB are Spanish speaking... and I'm not quite fluent. So I need to paste over to my translation ap a lot. Thanks Again.
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Up/Down Arrows Don't Work Since iOS7 Upgrade

    This "issue" is also present with the Zagg Wireless Keyboard/Case. And yes, it does seem to be Ap specific. Good luck getting any changes in Facebook. They must have a full plate because I've been asking for improvements to "copy/paste" for over a year... nada. Also: Copy/paste in FB is...