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Recent content by Ken Randall

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    What are you carring your Ipad in.

    Looks like the interior of this bag might clean the screen every time you carry the iPad ...
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    What are you carring your Ipad in.

    Wilson's Leather - shoulder bag - holds two iPads, Kindle, Apple bluetooth keyboard. Pelle Studio Leather Top Zip Day Bag - Wilsons Leather I use a InCase folio on iPad2, Griffin folio case on iPad3
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    iPad 3 GPS - whoa-fully inaccurate and lagging

    Why do I see a great delay and inaccuracy on my iPad3 GPS map? I put my iPad2 side-by-side and it is dead-on accurate. The iPad3's GPS is basically useless for navigation in the car. I basically have to carry two iPads, using my old iPad2 for car navigation. Bummed! :thumbsdown: I have tried...
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    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    This is great news - though I now still carry my iPad2 w/ unlimited and new iPAd3 with new 4G 3G plan ... nice to know I can switch over at some point! In the mean time, my 7 year old loves being able to watch Netflix in the car on long trips while I use the iPad3 for navigation and streaming radio!
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    I have had a different experience. The voice-to-text is extremely useful, and yet having a physical keyboard is also faster than the on-screen version. The EJECT button allows me to combine the two methods of input - a great time saver.
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    How to access the Voice to Text "Siri Lite" key with my physical Apple bluetooth keyboard. I found the EJECT button (far upper-right of keyboard) brings up (toggles) the soft-keyboard on-screen and there is the Siri key next to the SPACE bar. Admittedly this is a two-step process that I would...