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    Not sure if this is possible...

    So how can I access this using my iPad, would you think?
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    Astronomy App Choice?

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    Not sure if this is possible...

    Ok, so I have the following electronic devices I want to network as much as possible. I have a PS3, a PC, Windows laptop, Galaxy SIII, Mytouch 4G, iPhone 3g (soon to be iPhone 5), and iPad 2. I bought a WD My Book Live as a personal cloud server that runs through my wireless router and want...
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    Does not recognize Bluetooth headset?

    Hi all, I want to use my Plantonics Voyagers Pro + earpiece with my iPad, but when I go to pair the two, it doesn't show up. I know it's in pairing mode because my (Android) phone can find it and it pairs just fine. Does anyone have a suggestion? Kevin
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    Camera Kit not recognized?

    Ok, so I got the little Camera Connection Kit so I could use another SD card as a drive, but whenever I plug it into the iPad I get nothing. One time, I did get a message saying it's a device Apple does not recognize. My goal is to have some movies on an SD card so I can watch without taking...
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    Books not syncing?

    As long as we're at it, when I sync, my books disappear from the Ipad. They go away and sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't. They show in Itunes as being on the Ipad, but do not show up in iBooks.
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    Books not syncing?

    And of course, as soon as I post a question about it and try one more time to sync it, it works...
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    Books not syncing?

    Ok I have just about had it with ebooks and the ipad. I can never get my ebooks to sync unless it's one I buy from the itunes store. To be honest, there are cheaper out there and I can get a lot more availability elsewhere and I should be able to do this, so I'm not feeling to charitable...
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    Converting Microsoft help files?

    Hello, I am trying to convert a MS CHM Help file to any format that I can read on an iPad. I have tried several converters that supposedly will make them into PDF's or HTML so I can then convert them to PDF's, but none of them seem to work at all or not completely. Does anyone have a...
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    Mass delete music?

    Yeah, that also deleted every book I had on there also. Thanks...
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    I love how...

    the iPad Forum has an advertisement for a Droid Razr at the top! :)
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    Mass delete music?

    So I've decided that since all of my music is on my phone already, I don't need it taking up the space on my iPad. Is there a way to delete all of it at once as opposed to every single song? Kevin
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    Ok, let's try this another way...

    Goodreader worked out well, though because of the file size, it takes a long time to load the images. It'll work quite nicely, thanks!
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    Ok, let's try this another way...

    Actually, the plane is a Loving/Wayne WR-1 racer. If you've never heard of Neal Loving, you may want to look him up. He's one of the great untold stories of aviation. Neal V. Loving I'll give Goodreader a download and see how that works. Thanks!
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    Ok, let's try this another way...

    Being a bit of an amateur at this, I may have been going about it the wrong way before, so I'll throw myself on the mercy of the forum and hope someone has a better way of doing this... I have s series of construction drawings of an antique airplane I want to take with me and study on my...