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    Holes in PDFs

    Almost every time I open a PDF in Safari the top half of page 4 is missing. Everything else is fine. If I open the same file in GoodReader it is displayed in it's entirety. Is this a known issue with Safari and is there a fix/workaround. I haven't upgraded to the latest iOS yet, am still one...
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    Backing Up Notes

    My Mobile.Me account will expire at the end of the month and I am not inclined to renew it since the main reason I signed up in the first place was for Find My iPhone which is now free. But I want all of my Notes to be backed up somewhere. I see on the settings page that I can select a default...
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    Download Upgrade only

    After you have downloaded an update but not installed it each time you Sync with iTunes it will think a while and then display a dialog saying you have downloaded an upgrade but haven't installed it yet; do you want to install it now or later If another upgrade comes out before you have...
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    Can I take my Ipad camping and use it as a laptop?

    Apple had been selling refurb original ipad units in the online store at a minor discount Isn't camping where you leave technology behind and get back to nature
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    How low do you let your ipad battery get before charging?

    If I am home it is always plugged in and streaming Pandora so it usually doesn't get drained that far down between charges Several times a month I will unplug it and let it run until it runs out of power
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    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    If your iPad was getting data over 3G when it came within range of Wi-Fi it will not switch over until it has finished doing whatever it was doing
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    Any Keyboard Changes?

    I have two alternative keyboards that I found in the app store V12 Keyboard and Radial One appears to be a proof of concept and the other has the ability to move what you type into an email message But if these can be made and make it into the app store someone should be able to make a real...
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    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    The ZAGGmate has a special key for switching to an international keyboard so if those characters are supported by one of the international layouts supported by iOS it will be easy to access them. You just need to enable the appropriate keyboard in iOS. The only downside is that the ZAGGmate's...
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    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    The height of the cutout and the rubber inside the front of the case is directly related to the need to keep the screen, which rests on that rubber, from coming in contact with the keys. I suppose you could do away with all support for the iPad across the front of the keyboard but then you...
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    Ipad Numbers

    I started reading The Missing Manual for iWorks09 The Numbers section is very informative but not very exciting so I kept falling asleep and had to return the book to the library before I got into the really useful stuff For filling ranges I usually manually enter the first three values in the...
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    Why is my app organization completely demolished on my new ipad2?

    I had the same thing happen to my iPad when I did a restore. It restored all 700 and change apps but most of them were no longer in their folders and were invisible. I had to recreate folders and drag apps into them then power off so the iPad could fill the blank spaces with more icons. It...
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    Yellow "Other" bar in iTunes

    I asked about this the last time I was at the Genius Bar restoring my iPad and they said it was administrative overhead like the temporary folders and I didn't need to worry that it's size fluctuates. I don't know the numbers but it is a tiny stripe compared to everything else. I imagine it...
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    Zagg Mate Idea, Issues

    Stiction = Static Friction That is the force that makes it harder to start an object in contact in motion than it is to keep it in motion Think of how much more energy it takes to start a refrigerator in motion (disregarding the fact that flow wax has glued it in place) than it is to move it...
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    Marine & Fishing Apps

    What type of fishing are you planning to do Freshwater or saltwater If the later there are tide programs that would be applicable I think you could use a program to tell you the Moon phase and rise/set times of Sun and Moon for either fresh or saltwater
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    Marine & Fishing Apps

    And I forgot to mention that there are several fly fishing podcasts out there