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Recent content by Kabuki

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    Speed Test

    I use no need to install an app.
  2. K

    Post your speedtest results ;) is a html5 speed test.... you can use it to test your ipad/iphone internet speed.
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    iPad3 WLAN speedtest facts

    You can also use as a good and reliable speedtest website...
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    Broadband speed tests.

    How do you check your iPad broadband speed? I recommend speed of me! is an awesome html5 speed test website which works on iPhone and iPad without installing anything.
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    My curent screen

  6. K

    iPad background photos YOU took!

    glass with water drops on it.... it's chick! where can i find backgrounds like this one?
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    Your Best Wallpapers

    wow I love the Lion... it's fantastic......
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    iPad 2 Avatars for you all..

    cute avatars!:)