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    When is iPad-3 Likely to come ?

    If you are thinking about buying an iPad the product that is available today is the iPad2 which is available with or without 3G in three different memory sizes. That is the product you should be thinking about. Do you post on car forums asking what the 2014 model will be like so you can decide...
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    When is iPad-3 Likely to come ?

    Sorry but that question is completely stupid and if you are expecting a knowledgeable answer you are wasting your time asking. Apple DO NOT release information ahead of product launches and no Apple employees are openly members of this site so all posts here are simply speculation, rumour...
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    Best ipad browser

    I'm having problems with Atomic becoming unresponsive after 3 or 4 clicks in a session. This has only happened since the last Atomic update. Anybody else having issues? (Before the usual suspects chime in I have done a two button reset (three times), I have not yet done an uninstall/resinstall...
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    Help! Youtube videos won't play

    I have the same issue that some Youtube clips will play and some will not. I always assumed that it was because of the encoding and that some may be flash based. The video that was mentioned above does play on my iPad though.
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    Help with my Ipad and 3G

    The very first thing people need to know before they can start giving sensible advice is what model iPhone do you have? If for example it's a iPhone 3G then you cannot use it as a wifi hotspot.
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    'No SIM'

    My wife has exactly the same issue with he iPad 2 wifi+3G. Resets do not resolve the issue. From looking around using Google the sim card seems to often be the culprit so she took the iPad and card into the telco today and they happily without question replaced the sim (so happily and without...
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    Specialty messenger bag for laptop, iPad, Kindle and iPhone

    The perfect bag is only the perfect bag as long as both the hardware and the requirements don't change. My wife and I both have perfect bags to carry out iPads and related things - both bags are different.
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    Access SD Card

    You can only access an SD card via the Apple Camera Connection Kit and only then for still photos (not even video). Data is a non no.
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    2 email accounts

    I have four. I'm not sure it will work with only two. :) All you do is add another account they show as different accounts and don't get merged in any way.
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    Apple Rumors

    The TV rumour has been around for a long, long time. Last I heard they are looking at a 2012 release at around US$1200. The TV will run iOS5 including internal storage and will effectively be an Apple TV with a screen plus the features of a traditional TV. As far as photography is concerned the...
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    IPad2 as a satnav

    I have a 3G and use Navfree here in Australia and when I was in California recently. It worked perfectly in CA in the rental car.
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    Download free eBooks

    Kobo have free ebooks
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    Kindle upload

    I think only the books that are achieved and are not actually on the Kindle. Amazon afaik won't let you have books on two devices at the same time. We use this system to share books between two iPads and one Kindle. All books are purchased on one Amazon account and then just shared between the...
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    Buying U.S. iBooks while overseas

    What's wrong with using Amazon, iBooks or Kobo? Even here in Australia we have the ability to actually bike these fancy ebook things you talk about.I have all three of those products on my iPad and have books on all of them. Oh, they sell Kindles outside the US as well.
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    Any bought Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ?

    Apple kit and it works perfectly.