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  1. Jyc23

    Audio distortion from iPad to amplification source

    Perhaps your ipad internal mic is picking up sound from your studio speakers leading to a feedback loop? Can you say a little more about how things are set up?
  2. Jyc23

    iCloud, documents editing on iPad and windows pc confusion

    If I understand you correctly, the answer is "no". As far as being able to do it with Dropbox, it would really depend on whether the app on your iPad has the ability to sync folders on Dropbox. The Pages app doesn't have this capability. You might look into Quick Office, though I don't know if...
  3. Jyc23

    Best PDF Reader??

    If you're looking to be able to fill in PDFs, go with PDF Expert. I'm not sure if it can embeded video and images, as this isn't something I do with PDFs. If you're just looking for annotation, try the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. It was recently updated with some basic annotation capabilities, and...
  4. Jyc23

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    Like you, I have a bunch of videos encoded in non-iTunes formats stored on a NAS drive attached to a router that has a built-in DLNA server. I also have some videos stored on my regular computer which doesn't have a DLNA server installed. On the iPads, after trying a ton of apps, I finally...
  5. Jyc23

    How do you put bookshelf or newsstand in a folder?

    Based on the way it behaves, it seems that the Newsstand is really a kind of folder. Since you can't put folders in folders, it makes sense (given that it's a folder) that you can't put it in a folder. Now, whether it makes sense generally-speaking, I'm not so sure. :)
  6. Jyc23

    best stylus for painting?

    I used a boxwave stylus for awhile but eventually stopped using it because it required a lot of pressure just to even register with the touchscreen. On top of that, when it did register, moving it was a pain because there was so much friction between the tip and the screen. I was sans-stylus...
  7. Jyc23

    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    Not to necro this thread but ... I just got the SALT model (shallow angle low touch, I think) and am completely blown away at how smooth the "stylus experience" is with it. I previously used a Boxwave stylus which was, at best, somewhat usable, and at worst, a total nightmare.