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    Can not send email from iPad2 using Comcast

    I gave up trying to get Comcast to work on my iMac or my iPad... I just setup my iCloud email on both and had my Comcast email forwarded to that... I think this is a Comcast problem more than a apple problem.
  2. J

    iPad 2 springboard crashing all the time... Help!

    Yeah I guess i just have all the bad luck... Here is my last springboard crash log... Incident Identifier: 60292A77-A4BD-43B3-B882-A62BF616C11C CrashReporter Key: * 0776c762a861df1894ba16ca97cdae45774db69f Hardware Model: * * *iPad2,1 Process: * * * * SpringBoard [50] Path: * * * * *...
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    iPad 2 springboard crashing all the time... Help!

    What causes these springboard crashes on an iPad 2, non jail broken, with updated iOS? No apps at all... Just the plain Jane ios5.1.1 So... I'm at my ropes end... Ready to bounce this thing off the wall at high velocity... This is my second iPad in 7 weeks. First one completely died...