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    Top 10 iPad Games

    Angry Birds
  2. J

    My Ipad with its larger brother

    Looks. . . WAY Cool!
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    Preparing for delivery... what crazy things are you doing?

    • Updated itunes • Looked at some of the new apps made especially for the iPad. • Credit Card is paid up and ready. . . • Purchased and received an inexpensive silicon case from Amazon. It's very cool, because it has the fake card board iPad inside. I'm showing it around the office so...
  4. J

    Express shipping

    Ok, I'm going to apologize in advance for being off topic:) Here's my favorite "Timbuktu" joke while we impatiently wait for our iPads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The finals of a National poetry contest had arrived. Only 2...
  5. J

    Apple is being reckless!

    I received an email about my reservation this morning. It said: Your iPad will be ready and waiting this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm When you come in to pick up your iPad, you'll be directed to a line for those with reservations. We'll have Specialists ready to help you set up your iPad, free...
  6. J

    what happened to reservations

    I received an email reservation notice that lists the model I reserved and which store location. Good only from 9am - 3pm. I printed it out to have on hand in case it gets ugly at the store.:)
  7. J

    Amazon Announces Kindle for the Mac, Says iPad Version is Next

    I received the Mac for Kindle email notice too. I had NO IDEA they would have Kindle for iPad, that totally makes my day, I lprefer reading from the Touch, except the pages are rather small. Turning pages with the iPod is much faster than the Kindle device. I've had an excellent association...
  8. J

    Hi all

    <Or we may just see the new age of wireless. 27" iPad with a stand could in fact replace the iMac. Would be a lot easier come moving time! And you could grab it and use it for a presentation if need be. We are about to see something new and great.....hang on!> I SOOOOOO agree with you...
  9. J

    Need to compare IPad and Netbook

    WHOA there Game Boys! LOL I didn't say I did Gaming, I said I play games that won't play on Mac platform. These are simple little girly type games (like find the hidden items) from a company called Oberon-media. The netbook is MORE than adequate for that usage. . . I wish Mac was supported, but...
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    Need to compare IPad and Netbook

    Hi jromeo12345, Personally. . .I'd say neither would be the best solution for you, but the iPad would be my choice (by far) between the 2. I have a netbook and as much as I love it, I SURE wouldn't want to do graphic design on it. I bought it to play games that won't play on a Mac. It's not...
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    New Member

    Hi ashtondance! Welcome from Sunny So. California! Looks like you have a nice arsenal of Apple Gadgets!:)
  12. J

    Greetings from Peachtree City, GA

    Hey rle737ng! Welcome from Sunny So. California! I grew up in Warner Robins:)
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    A professional photographer awaiting the iPad...

    Howdy iNewton! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
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    In South Carolina

    Hi DrH! Welcome from Sunny So. California! It's great to have another "Mac Convertee" on the site:)
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    Hi all

    Hi HungryWriter! Welcome from Sunny So. California!