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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    I placed an order for Store Pickup on iPad WiFi 64GB. Also got the confirmed email. Surprised to see that there is no Order# in the email. I think Store Pickups may not have any Order#s. Can someone verify this? The reason I did the Store Pickup is - Delivery on Saturdays are not guaranteed and...
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    @LMControl - An OS without Multitasking got to be crazy enough and claim to be world leader. It is OK for OS to be Unitasking on devices such as iPhone/iPod Touch, but now we are moving to a larger appliance which is planned to be used for multiple reasons. This is not about griping - it is a...
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    Multitasking is one of the features that has made me to think twice before I could lay my hands on it. I am suspecting iPhone OS 4.0 release has multitasking and with an Upgrade option on OS (may be like $29.99) it will do really good to iPad. The other biggest hurdle with iPad is the support...