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  1. jsh1120

    Best Stylus for the New iPad

    This was a major topic of discussion last summer. At the time I purchased about a half dozen different styluses from the Boxwave to the Adonit Jot Pro and several from iFaraday. The iFaraday styluses remain my favorites. Available only on the internet, I believe, at
  2. jsh1120

    Apple being sued for price fixing

    The way it will "play out" has already been more or less laid out by Skull One. Apple and the remaining publishers who haven't already caved will cave or they'll lose the case. The "competitive advantage" Apple gained in all this was to blunt the impact of Amazon's tablet impact among consumers...
  3. jsh1120

    Narrow Minded

    Coach, I don't know how many Apple forums you've frequented but my strong impression is that this is easily the LEAST infected with rampant fanboy-ism. As others have noted, criticisms of Apple policies and products are likely to prompt rebuttals, but at least in my experience, most responses...
  4. jsh1120

    Random Pauses in Audio since 5.1 update

    No, I haven't. But I have checked the internet for audio problems associated with 5.1 since I last posted and there are some suspicious though not definitive clues. There are numerous complaints and threads dealing with audio drop offs with 5.1. None I've seen exactly match what I'm experiencing...
  5. jsh1120

    Random Pauses in Audio since 5.1 update

    Sorry. I should have mentioned that I've been through a variety of other basic tests including, of course, rebooting the iPad. That doesn't help, either. Moreover, since the problem is not limited to Pandora and I haven't installed any other software since the problem surfaced I'm led back to...
  6. jsh1120

    Random Pauses in Audio since 5.1 update

    I have a problem that has surfaced since installing the latest OS update on my iPad 2. The audio in various apps (Pandora, Slacker, Tune-in and other radio apps) frequently pauses on its own. At first I thought I was having a wifi interference/dropped signal problem. But the wifi is both...
  7. jsh1120

    Help getting loud Music

    You might try the SRS accessory that connects between the 30 pin connector and 3.5 mm headphone/speaker plug. It's a pricey little device but it significantly increases volume and adds depth to the sound. Unfortunately it also prevents charging the iPad while it's in use. Nevertheless, if...
  8. jsh1120

    Why isn't it possible to drive two apps at the same time?

    Apple intentionally restricts multitasking on the iPad in order to provide a smooth user experience within the bounds of the hardware they provide. Thus, you cannot have both a browser and email windows on the screen at the same time. However, some forms of multi-tasking are available, most...
  9. jsh1120

    Updating My IPad

    Settings>General>Software Update if you're referring to updating the OS.
  10. jsh1120

    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    Might have been down for some reason. Working fine this morning.
  11. jsh1120

    The new Ipad or HP Folio 13

    If you're certain that your current laptop will continue to serve your needs and not require updating for at least the two year life cycle you're projecting, you might want to consider an iPad. On the other hand, as you note, the ultrabook you're considering is a true "laptop replacement"; the...
  12. jsh1120

    My Ipad is 32 gb but it said i have 27 gb?

    If you jailbreak your iPad you can always remove the operating system to free up space. It's not a recommended practice, though. :) More seriously, it has long been an industry practice to report storage capacity as unformatted and ignoring the space required for an operating system and other...
  13. jsh1120

    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    What you're trying to do is to send audio from the iPad to external speakers. The CCK is designed to work in the opposite direction. And even if you could overcome this fundamental problem, you would have to have drivers for the speakers. In other words, no risk of burning out your iPad because...
  14. jsh1120

    AT&T Adjusts Data-Throttling Policy in Response to Customer Complaints

    Folks, I didn't say that those with unlimited data plans (of whom I'm one, by the way) are getting a "free ride." No more than those who have six kids in school are getting a "free ride" in terms of paying taxes for education. However, a family with six kids is relying upon families with a...