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Recent content by Joker

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    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    A day that you will never forget:confused: That sounded like they discovered something that will change humanity sake or something:D.
  2. J

    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    It was a gift from my father for having high grades in high school. Pretty cool gift I'd say:)
  3. J

    W9 and iPad!!!

    It looks kinda cheap. But it sounds like a good competitor.. That have a really low price.
  4. J

    Happy 10th birth day ps2

    Thanks for a great times of fun:(, too bad I'm dumping you for an Xbox:D. Rest in peace!:o -With Love.
  5. J

    Any way to solve my iPad lagging/crashing

    Hi, first of all I own a 64 GB wifi only iPad. It's jail broken and I filled it with apps and some movies and now it's at 59 GB. I have only 5 books in my iBooks library and I use the Youtube app often to download some videos. However lately when downloading a video and launching it the iPad...
  6. J

    iPad Addict Gets in Trouble for Refusing to Turn Off Device On Plane

    Interesting.. I'm thinkin' PvZ, get ready to soil your plants.
  7. J

    Marie's Angry Bird Thread!

    Actually the thing that's amazes me is that you just discovered this game:confused:. It's been in the top chart since the last three years:D. btw if you got into any trouble here's Rover official walk through.:D :)
  8. J

    Any new good two player games out?

    Fruit ninja have 2 players mode and it's very fun and entertaining.
  9. J

    YouTube App

    Hey, I just wanted to hear your opinions on the youtube app. In my opinion it's bad/unfriendly. Here are some reasons. 1-It's very slow loading videos (:confused:) 2-You can't view many comments(:mad:) 3-Some videos are apparently not iPad compatible (weird huh) 4-The subscription tab seem to...
  10. J

    iPad Dock contest !

    337 msg2short
  11. J

    Is it possible to get Mario on the ipad? This is very helpful for those who are new to jailbreaking Not mention, Wikipedia is way too complicated.:D
  12. J

    Is it possible to get Mario on the ipad?

    Not really, but if you have Jail broken iPad search n64 emulator in Cydia. after install the Mario game you want to play. YouTube - Super Mario 64 on an iPad! or search snes4iphone YouTube - Apple iPad running SNES (snes4iphone) YouTube - Snes Mario World on the iPad ( snes4iPhone ) I'm...
  13. J

    What do you least like about iPad?

    That it can only play mp4 formats.
  14. J

    What is the best remote desktop for iPad?

    I think it name was Logmein, or somethin' like that. I deleted it so I'm not really sure. most of these apps are useless.
  15. J

    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    Without flash, most ''Adult'' sites can't be viewed. I'm only telling the truth.:D