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    Moving pictures to iPhones to iPad

    If you have access to a PC with Windows 7 or 8, connect both your iPad and iPhone. Both will appear as Portable Devices on the PC. Open the folders that you see in each device until you get to the photos. Copy and paste across the files you want. I tried doing this with my Mac, but the Mac...
  2. J

    Apps transferring to my ipad

    When you connect your iPad and run iTunes, you could "remove" the apps that you don't want before you sync your device.
  3. J

    Triangle Icon ?

    To see the definitions for this triangle icon, navigate through: Settings > Location Services. Scroll down. * "A purple location services..." etc. You can turn the icon off by continuing on to: System Services. Scroll down. Then turn "Status Bar Icon" on or off. :)
  4. J

    Find my iphone weakness

    I just set up "find my iPhone" for a new device. For it to work, you have to go to settings and turn on this feature. What's to stop a thief from turning this off? Once off, you won't be able to find that iPhone. Perhaps Apple should include an option of password-protecting that switch. I don't...
  5. J

    Sound problems

    Sound is back again. The only change was I charged my iPad from 30% to 100%. Very strange.
  6. J

    Sound problems

    This morning, my iPad 2 inexplicably lost sound from it's built-in speakers. I'd been using it without problems for months, until now. I checked the mute button. Muted it, and then unmuted it. still no sound. I plugged in headphones. Yes, I can get sound through headphones, but no sound when I...
  7. J

    Portrait or Landscape?

    My iPad resides in a case with built-in keyboard so it's always in landscape. Very difficult holding the case in portrait, so I don't unless I really have to.
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    How many Ipads does your household own?

    My wife and 3 daughters live in Australia, while I live and work overseas. If I count us as one household, then we have 5 iPad 2's. Cheers!
  9. J

    Importing Photos From PC

    synch-ing on more than one computer Same thing happened to me when I tried to synch files (music, photos, etc.) from two different computers to my ipad. iTunes will delete files from the previous computer before it synchs the next computer's files. If you want to synch photos from both...