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Recent content by John Niziurski

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    iPad Asks For My Password

    My wife has the same version iPad and has the same version of IOS. She plays games that require her to enter her ID and she doesn’t have the password request problem. She inputs her ID often enough that it must satisfy the system requirements. When an update to the IOS comes through, it lets me...
  2. J

    iPad Asks For My Password

    It asks you how you want to update your password. I choose to do it by email because when I try to answer the challenge questions, it doesn't like my answers just like it never likes my password when I first put it in!! It sends me an email where I put in the same darned password and it suddenly...
  3. J

    iPad Asks For My Password

    Just about once/ week my iPad asks for my Apple password. I get a red exclamation point symbol in Message too. I put in my KNOWN password and it tells me my account is locked.:mad: From the Settings page, I choose to change password by email. I go to the email and put in the same password that I...
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    Two Problems

    I have the latest updates but have two problems/ concerns: 1. When my wife and I Facetime with our sons, there always seems to be a problem with the screen orientation. We are answering their Facetime alert and they are either sideways or up side down. My older son is using his iPhone and, if we...