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Recent content by joecast

  1. J

    iOS 6.1 - worth it for Australia?

    Thanks all. Worked out how to do the smaller download. Strange that connecting to iTunes on the pc I would have to download the entire os again but going through device settings its only 90mb.
  2. J

    iOS 6.1 - worth it for Australia?

    Any additions in this update of value? Noticed it mentions improvements for LTE but since I have an iPad 3 that really isn't an issue for me. And the huge DL is a bit of an issue. Any feedback appreciated. Joe
  3. J

    iPad Apps Crashing more and more

    Same story here. Ipad1 with too many random crashes. Very frustrating. Thanks to all for the suggested fixes. Will try them out and see how it goes. Though I'm sure apples favorite bit of advice is buy an ipad3. Surely there should be more economical ways of keeping these devices operating well...
  4. J


    Same here. Very annoying. Hard to think of it as a business tool with a bug like this.
  5. J

    Samsung remote app

    App stopped recognizing my tv a while back. Can't remember if I was before of after iOS 5 it stopped working. Both using wifi.
  6. J

    Is this normal for safari?

    The page reloading also annoys me. Has anyone found out if it's possible to switch this off or why it does it? Would rather reload manually than wait for auto reloading when I've only switched away from a page for a few seconds. Thanks Joe
  7. J

    Ipad Battery

    ok, just ran it down to 0% and recharging. No longer says not charging and shows the battery % increasing while in use.
  8. J

    New Angry Birds HD Free Version Released for iPad

    My first go with angry birds. Can be a pretty simple time wasting game or get really involved and lose track of time. Will probably end up getting the full game now.
  9. J

    Ipad Battery

    same here. Whenever I use the iPad while plugged in (the iPad, not me) to the charger or USB, it says not charging next to the battery icon. Never caused any problems but does seem strange. Joe
  10. J

    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    No kidding. Amazing how there are completely opposing views on this. I've got a solution though (for me anyway). Move the screen rotation lock back how it was. And put the system mute where the screen rotation lock is now. Problem solved ;) Joe
  11. J

    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Well thank goodness for that. Still liked the switch on the side better for this as I don't think the mute is all that useful. Others may have their own feelings but... Sorry, not enough posts to add a link??]iPad: Understanding screen rotation lock
  12. J

    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    Gave it a few days and getting more frustrated with this. The screen rotates way to easily without being able to lock it in position. My 2c Joe