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  1. jnewell

    Ipad2 upgradable to G4

    I live and work in the Boston, MA area - not exactly a low-density, low-tech environment. 4G, you must be kidding me. Neither VZW (my personal wireless devices) nor AT&T (corporate BB) can provide a reliable 3G connection during my commute or on the weekends. So, I'd settle for consistent 3G...
  2. jnewell

    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    I would not have believed it if I had not tried it, but I can turn on airplane mode (killing all radios) and then turn wifi on, and get a wifi connection. I think that qualifies as a bug, given the purpose of airplane mode, but it is possible. Very odd. :confused:
  3. jnewell

    Smart Cover leaving lines on screen.

    Pretty sure it's just dust.
  4. jnewell

    Ipad 2 battery

    Most devices are not fully charged when they report "100%." They continue to trickle charge until actually fully charged. Even in the cases where that is not the case, or after a device reaches a true full charge, the charging circuit will manage the battery and prevent any harm, though I...
  5. jnewell

    Best Smart Cover-Friendly Clear Case

    JoyFactory; Incipio Feather is also good.
  6. jnewell

    Apple logo when I wake up the ipad

    The Apple logo will show up with both a restart (press/hold power, slide off) and a reset (press/hold home+power for >10 seconds until Apple logo appears). If the iPad has gone to sleep, pressing home+slide will wake it up. If it was powered off, pressing the power button turns it back on.
  7. jnewell

    Videos application frozen

    Can't help with the diagnosis but it happened again yesterday and I tried something else that was an immediate fix and worked great. I double-tapped the home key and loaded the video player controls by going all the way to the left. I pressed the 'start button' then stopped the video and...
  8. jnewell

    Flash player again on ipad 2 ??????

    Now THAT is funny! :D
  9. jnewell

    41 pages of fine print

    Or even to agree to them. :)
  10. jnewell

    Red Leather Smart Cover

    I've bought two in the past month, direct from Apple. Both are red on the inside.
  11. jnewell

    Raw photo management

    I read the AppStore summaries for those two apps and I'm not really sure why you'd buy both...:confused:...need to dig some more and Google up more reviews/blogs/etc.
  12. jnewell

    Raw photo management

    For the OP - I've been continuing to think about whether this would work in my workflow (as an alternative workflow)...I read a review recently of an app called PiRAWnah that the photog said worked extremely well as a raw import app. For editing, he was praising Photogene. I think the...
  13. jnewell

    iOS 6-what do you want for the ipad?

    1. Assurances that it'll run on my iPad2 ;) 2. Ability to do at least basic RGB, brightness and contrast tweaks on the display
  14. jnewell

    Trojan on iPad

    Yet another reason not to jailbreak... :eek:
  15. jnewell

    iPad2 not charging through via PC USB

    Buy a new PC/Mac...or use the AC adapter...