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Recent content by jmbarker

  1. J

    international use

    It will or should work when using Wi-Fi when you are in areas with Wi-Fi. Using it at other times may be problematic as GSM us the predominate cellular network in Europe and Verizon uses CDMA. Best bet is to contact Verizon and see what options are available for the areas you plan to visit.
  2. J

    What's your favorite song?

    I remember the Moot the Hoople concert being canceled due to illness on the part of Ian Hunter.
  3. J

    What's your favorite song?

    Mott the Hoople was excellent! A very underrated band. Had tickets to see them while in high school in Heidelberg, Germany in 1974 or 1975. Showed up at the venue only to find out the show had been canceled. Really bummed. Mott with Mick even better.
  4. J

    Unlimited data?

    Maybe. Both are losing customers in large numbers. ABC News aired a segment about this a couple of weeks ago. People in large numbers dump their carriers when their contract ends because they want a better deal. Both companies would keep customers longer if the customer could get unlimited data...
  5. J

    email ipad security question

    Was the iPad bought new? Sounds like her Yahoo account has been hacked and it sounds like a keystroke logger has been installed but I do not know if that is possible. Interesting. Hope you get it solved.
  6. J

    What's your favorite song?

    "Madman Across the Water". Elton John. Mick Ronson guitar version. Alternate recording for album of same name but not included on the original release in 1971.
  7. J

    Third iPad3 with assorted issues

    If you did not buy Apple Care at the same time you bought the iPad you have to buy it at an Apple store within 30 days of iPad purchase. They will want to check the unit out. This is how I understand it.
  8. J

    Ipad is stuck - urgent help needed

    Glad it worked!
  9. J

    Ipad is stuck - urgent help needed

    Press and hold the power button and the home button simultaneously and do so until Apple logo appears on screen.
  10. J

    External harddrive!!!

    I do not know the answer to this.
  11. J

    iPad 3G as a in car GPS device

    Navigon MobileNavigator is hands-down the best navigation app, period. NAVTEQ maps. Far superior to the garbage that Magellan and TomTom use, which by-the-way, use the same map database. Pure junk.
  12. J

    How long does it take apple to charge for purchasing apps?

    My iTunes account is tied to a MasterCard but I usually use iTunes gift cards and I get an email receipt within two days of buying the app, music or whatever from iTunes. I have Apple TV setup to use my wife's iTunes account which is also tied to a MasterCard. Charges usually show up with two...
  13. J

    can a ipad with only WiFi upgrade to 3g

    Correct. If it is Wi-Fi only it cannot be upgraded to 3G at least natively.
  14. J

    Switch Verizon to AT&T

    The Verizon iPad will not work on the AT&T network and vice versa. You will need to return the iPad and buy an AT&T model from AT&T or Best Buy, or from Apple, either in a store or online.
  15. J

    Smart Cover and the New iPad

    I was on the phone today with an Apple rep about an entirely different matter and inquired about the current Smart Cover and it's compatibility with the new iPad. I have read somewhere recently, maybe in this forum, that there were issues with the current Smart Cover and it working with the new...