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    Simple Way to put music on iPad without iTunes

    4Media iPad Max features: Export iPad content to Mac/PC computer for backup Mac/PC iPad Transfer, transfer iPad files to iTunes library Import movies, music and photos from Mac/PC to iPad Rip CD/DVD and transfer to iPad directly Convert iPad incompatible videos/audios and transfer to iPad...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    First, I will use iPad to internet surfing like facebook, twitter, youtube. Also, e-mail recieve and write. Third, read news, ebooks, magazines.
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    Simple Way to put music on iPad without iTunes

    Recently, 4Media has the Autumn Promotion, 10% off Coupon code: mcd2773742 with all products purchase + 15% off at Second Time Purchase!
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    Simple Way to put music on iPad without iTunes

    How to put music on iPad without iTunes's syncing? 4Media iPad to PC transfer can easily copy songs, videos and other files from computer to iPad in a new computer without iTunes. In addition to this, users can sync, backup, copy and transfer between iPad – PC – iTunes in all ways, no...
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    Did you Jail Break your iPad?

    So cool, can you explain more about process or method of jailbreaking?
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    Any iPad tansfer can support pdf/epub ebooks?

    iBooks is good but it has limitation durning PDF tranfering. Good Reader is strange with me and my circle. 4Media iPad PDF is better, it deserves a try.
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    Question: How to stream pictures to iPad

    Guy, you need a iPad helper to allow you to edit and add special effect with your Photos. I know 4Media iPad Max can do it, it supports to create/Delete/Edit Photo Albumns, also it can convert almost all video formats to iPad. The most important is that it has introduced NVIDIA CUDA technology...
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    Any iPad tansfer can support pdf/epub ebooks?

    Boy, it is midnight. People is sleeping ..... I know some about 4Media, because i had written reviews for it. You can read my review or google 4Media iPad PDF Transfer instruction.