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Recent content by jaybrass73

  1. J

    I'm not updating to 4.2.....

    Sorry to hear of problems.... You sorted?
  2. J

    Hi new iPad/iPhone game developer here

    Hey, welcome to the forum, good luck with the developments!
  3. J


    Hi and welcome!!hope you enjoy the site!
  4. J

    New iPad owner

    Hi and welcome! When you connect to your pc select your iPad in the left hand menu then select 'photos'. Make sure you either select 'sync all' or have checked the folder you want to sync. Have fun!!
  5. J

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    I'm done! IOS 4.2.1 all present and correct! Looks good, will probably now stay up half the night getting to grips with it all! I like the folders, reduced 11 pages of apps down to 2! Hope your updating goes well!
  6. J

    ipad user

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum!
  7. J

    when traveling do you want the ipad or laptop

    Tend to take iPad now and leave laptop at home
  8. J

    Hi!! Total newbie!! :)

    Hi, hope you find what you need on here!
  9. J

    Do you leave your iPad on while charging it?

    Glad I've read the advice on here, mine hasn't been powered down since I blight it on 30th August - will power off to charge tonight - cheers!!
  10. J

    IPad folders...

    Think I'll be doing similar to you Dannyboy, like the idea of having a frequently used in the tool bar at the bottom! No doubt my kids will want a Christmas folder like on my iPhone so i guess I should be planning one of those!
  11. J

    Otterbox defender

    I've got this case, amongst others! It's definately built to protect the iPad but I don't know, for me I lose some of the feel of the device as it's SO protected! Each to their own I guess, I'm currently using a TeckNet leather folio case but am now considering the Moleskine folio as I used to...
  12. J


    Welcome from England!
  13. J

    New member

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it on here - you certainly find lots of interesting stuff!
  14. J

    new member

    Hey TJ, welcome to the forum, hope you'll find all the info you need
  15. J

    beside the ipad what else do you carry in the ipad case

    In my iPad bag I have notepad (I know - why?!), a pen - again why?!, a screen cleaner, compact camera and usually my iPhone