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    Different Apple-ID's and GameCenter login?

    Thank you guys for your answers. I hadn't read Leelai's post carefully enough... I just got all the answers I was looking for...
  2. J

    Different Apple-ID's and GameCenter login?

    Thank you for your well qualified answers. I think I will create different Apple IDs to other devices. Then I just have one more question... What happens with the childeren games I have paid for in App store? Do I ned to pay for them again, cause if I create a new ID on the old device that my...
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    Different Apple-ID's and GameCenter login?

    I have a question about different Apple-ID's on iPads. I have an iPad which both me and my two kids use. Now I want to buy them their own iPads. I'm going to buy a new Air iPad for myself and one of my kids gets the "old" one and then I'm buying a new one for my other kid. Should I give...