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  1. J

    Cases, covers and accessories

    I have to agree here. I've never had a screen protector on my iPad (almost a year) and I don't have a single scratch. I'm just careful with it. I used to use a micro fiber cloth that came with my Vizio TV, then I found an Apple micro fiber cloth at the factory store. My iPhone4 on the other...
  2. J

    Good place to buy accessories in SF Bay area?

    I am in the San Francisco bay area ( specifically Belmont) for work this week. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good place to buy accessories for my iPad 1? I'm mainly looking for a good selection of folio style cases. Thank you for any help!! -Brian
  3. J

    My Apple ID got hacked, what do I do now?

    Thanks to everyone that replied! I got a response from iTunes asking me to prove who I was by providing my billing address and what my last purchases on the account were, no problem I thought. I sent the info to iTunes and got another response saying my billing address "didn't quite match". I...
  4. J

    My Apple ID got hacked, what do I do now?

    I received an email from apple saying that my email address, password, billing address, and credit card info on my Apple ID account had been changed. At first I was thinking this was a bogus email until I tried to log into my account (directly from apple's website, not through any links in the...
  5. J

    Where are you ipadding from?

    San Francisco airport. Terminal 2 waiting for my flight back to Milwaukee. I can't wait to get home!
  6. J

    Extra iPad 2 charger (Griffin) . . .

    I have always been very happy with the power products I have from griffin. Their cases, not so much. Although, I am VERY picky when it comes to my iPad or iPhone case.
  7. J

    Looking for an app that can show Excel files with pictures.

    I'm looking for an app that can show pictures in an Excel file. I have an Excel file that is an order form. It has columns with part numbers, descriptions, prices, etc. In one of the columns, when you hover with your mouse, a small picture of the part pops up. When you click that cell, a...
  8. J

    Facebook application appearing small

    I use Friendly personaly, but alot of people have problems with it. It seems like there are quite a few people that just navigate to Facebook through their chosen web browser.
  9. J

    Where are you ipadding from?

    My favorite place! My wife and I travel a few weekends a year to LV. As of right now though, I hiding from in-laws in the basement, in WI. (basicaly 30 miles north of Milwaukee.)
  10. J

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I have 45 as of right now, on my iPad. I keep juggling apps on and off as I need them.
  11. J

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Me personaly, iPad iPhone4 iPhone3g iPod classic current gen iPod nano first gen iPod nano ?? gen (the almost square one) iMac MacBook air MacMini in the car My wife, now thats another story. She's been an Apple fan for years and it shows.
  12. J

    My cool wallpapers some pics taken by myself.

    I'm a total gear-head (every wallpaper on my iPad has an engine of some sort), but those are some nice pics.
  13. J

    In need of ipad apps/games

    I'm hooked on Bloons TD 4. Kind of a puzzle game, sort of. I know there's a free version for the iPhone, but I'm unsure if there's a freebie for the iPad. Also, Command and Conquer is pretty decent on the iPad. I'm sure there's better stuff out there, but I kind of like the classics.
  14. J

    Looking for a game

    Nothing like bringing up a thread that has been dead for over a month just to jack it. Anyways, Try to search the app store or google. Let me google that for you
  15. J

    Help with good games

    To be honest, I can't help with the mmorpg question because I have no idea what that is. As far as Monopoly, the "official" app goes on sale every now and then. Grab Appshopper so you can keep an eye out. I grabbed Monopoly when it was on sale for $0.99 a while back.