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    How to sync Ipad with another Mac

    The iPad will behave the same whether it's jailbroken or not. When you connect the iPad to another computer, it will ask if you want to use the new computer to sync with. If you do, all the content (music, apps, etc.) on the iPad will be removed/replaced in favor of what is in iTunes on the new...
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    ipod/pad sync cable

    Yup, like 1991-C4 said, iPod, iPad and iPhone cables are the same. The thing to note is that your iPad will charge faster when plugged into the power adapter. iPad will charge when connected to a computer (most computers, anyway), but very slowly - even though it says that its not charging.
  3. J

    Picture Frame

    Here's an article about how to use the iPad Picture Frame feature: How To Use an iPad as a PictureFrame I hope this helps. :)
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    IPad and a macintosh

    Hello autumn, There are two articles on my web site that might help you. One is about ebook readers for iPad. The other is about the ePub and PDF formats that are commonly used for ebooks. - Review of iPad eReaderApps - How To Add ePub and PDF Books to iBooks on iPad I hope this helps.
  5. J

    iPad Video Playback - XVID DIVX AVI support etc

    If you have a Mac you can use an application called HandBrake to convert the video and use iTunes to sync it to the Videos app, or play it using apps like GoodReader, Air Sharing HD and iDisk. HandBrake makes it really easy. Here's a link to an article about how to convert DVDs using Handbrake...
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    Formatting ipads for old people

    For Mail, you can choose Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or Giant for font size, in the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" settings. When iOS 4 is available for iPad you'll be able to change the overall font size for Mail, Messages, Notes and Contacts (in the Accessibility settings). I hope this helps.
  7. J

    Iphone4 and ipad tethering

    If you don't mind jail breaking your iPhone, you can use MyWi ($9.99) or PDANet (around $20) to turn your iPhone into a hot spot that your iPad can connect to. I hope this helps.
  8. J

    File Location using Dropbox

    Thanks! I wondered about this too. :)
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    Yup, Mike's right. But try this. A lot of times, the YouTube app is slow. Try viewing the same video on the YouTube website using Safari. For me, a lot of times YouTube is faster via Safari.
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    iTunes connected using bluetooth

    Unfortunately, no. :( iTunes only supports USB cable connections.
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    Trouble logging in with Wi-Fi at Hotel

    Yup, it's likely the hotel Wi-Fi being flakey or the signal is intermittent where you are. Unfortunately, hotels walls (pipes, elevator and other metal) do a lot to interfere with Wi-Fi. Try going to the hotel lounge or other area where you are confident there should be very good signal and...
  12. J

    Problems with New Ipad

    Sounds like a touchscreen problem. Make an appointment with a Genius at the Apple Store and take it back.
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    Is $87 a Proper Price for An iPad Wireless Keyboard?

    This one: Apple Wireless Keyboard :)
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    Connecting to an external monitor

    Yup, unfortunately, the adapter doesn't work with all iPad's apps. Actually, it alot like the Apple composite cable adapter - except with some app support. Apple says the VGA adapter works with the following apps: Keynote (when playing a slideshow), Videos, YouTube, Photos (when playing a...
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    Is $87 a Proper Price for An iPad Wireless Keyboard?

    I use the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I like it. It's small while still a full-sized keyboard.