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  1. j joy j

    iPad Stylus used for writing???

    Hi Tuttle, yes we seem to be the back-n-forth in the stylus venue. Among my love for handwritten note taking, is the artist who loves to draw. I'm more into the old school paper and pencil type mediums but am trying to also transition that into the tech world as an added medium. For some...
  2. j joy j

    iPad Stylus used for writing???

    I have changed my stylus line up ... of course, so here is the current and in no particular order: The Pencil - by FiftyThree ( the makers of Paper) Adonit Jot Script and I also have the Jot Touch Alupen Apps I use are GoodNotes, Noteability, NoteShelf and Penultimate. I did just download...
  3. j joy j

    Ipad air case

    I purchased the apple leather smart case in black, love that it keeps my iPad Air sleek and slim and doesn't add too much to it but I don't like that the cover has 3 folds so when I use it as a stand it really isn't that sturdy and has a tendency to want to unfold, and it has a strange viewing...
  4. j joy j

    Iphone5s and ipad air freezing

    I have both the air and 5s and love both and haven't experienced any issues with either. I'm a pretty heavy user on both my ipad and iPhone using them for work, play and relaxing.
  5. j joy j

    Ipad air case

    I really want to pull the trigger on a Portenzo Alano case! I've wanted one for a while but knew I was going to be getting the new iPad Air so I have held off. Now that the slim and light weight iPad Air is in my hands I'm scared this case will add too much. I've got the dimensions of the...
  6. j joy j

    Jot Script Stylus: First Look

    I'm a note-taking-handwriting-junkie with the folder full of notetaking apps and a handful of stylus. My most recent being the Adonit Jot Touch and I've ordered the Adonit Script. A week or so ago, it said it would ship within 1-2 weeks and I see today it says 4-6? I'm hoping to get it soon...
  7. j joy j

    Help me decide iPad mini or iPad air ??? i can't make up my mind

    I had the ipad3 and received my ipad air yesterday and feel a big difference in size, it is pretty amazing how much difference there actually is. My son had an ipad2, sold it and bought the mini when it came out thinking it would be better since he travels for work every week. He ended up not...
  8. j joy j

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I will be purchasing, yay! My iPad1 has retired to the hands of my hubby, which has actually encouraged him into the online world (he's a cowboy). I currently have the iPad3 64gb LTE which will go to my daughter. I am pulling the trigger on a 128gb LTE Dpace Grey to go with my iPhone5s...
  9. j joy j

    First Reactions to the Adonit Jot Touch

    Of course, purchased and going to give it a whirl.
  10. j joy j

    First Reactions to the Adonit Jot Touch

    I have the following: GoodNotes, NoteShelf, Notability, NotesPlus, NoteTakerHD, Penultimate, Moka, Bamboo Paper, TopNotes, Note Suite. I seem to use, or go to the first 3 the most until I feel I expect more out of the abilities and then I play around in all again. But, those are the ones...
  11. j joy j

    First Reactions to the Adonit Jot Touch

    I'm waiting for this one as well. Although I do plan on trying to start drawing on my ipad along with my typical paper, I'm a huge note taker with many note taking apps. I, too, have the jot touch 4 and really want to love it for note taking. And for the most part do, but I'm not sure if it's...
  12. j joy j

    Gmail app Question

    If you use Gmails new set up where they filter your emails to their 3 new tab system, your app shows the primary instead of the inbox. If you didn't agree to their new set up then it will show the inbox instead of the primary. I believe if you have a business acct you don't receive the option...
  13. j joy j

    How good are apple really ?

    My son's iPhone 5 screen cracked and he didn't have insurance or Apple Care and was out of town for work. He took it to a cell phone repair place that wanted to charge an arm and leg to replace it but I told him to stop in at the Apple store just in case. He walked in and told them what was...
  14. j joy j

    Leather cover

    I have the SaddleBackLeather case for my iPad 3 and love it. It's great workmanship, amazing leather - not a cheap wanna be type, and the customer service is great. It has protected my iPad that travels with me all over, around dirt/dust in a horse arena and looks and feels great. It's heavy...
  15. j joy j

    Slimmest/thinnest keyboard for IPAD 3?

    I just saw a post somewhere on here yesterday where someone mentioned the new keyboard by Luvvitt. I do not have it and haven't had any hands on experience with it, but it looks like it's pretty thin. Not like the Surface, but it does look promising.